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Band : Pearl Jam

Album Name : Backspacer

A pretty “Race-y” album, Backspacer by Pearl Jam is their 10th album , which was released in 2009. All songs have quite the same effect on the listener’s mind. I’d say because of the loud background music, the lyrics seem almost  incoherent. Pearl Jam has come a long way from Ten to Backspacer, a total change in their style of music. Though Backspacer doesn’t meet the expectations of a good PJ album, its still worth a listen.

Album ★★★½☆

Song Name


Gonna See My Friend


Got Some


The Fixer


Johnny Guitar


Just Breathe


Amongst The Waves


Unthought Known




Speed of Sound


Force of Nature


The End


1. Gonna See My Friend

Being the first song in the album, this song totally destroys the Pearl Jam effect. Starts off alright, but gets too repetitive. To be exact, irritating after a point. Cameron is an amazing drummer. I do not argue with that, but this song was just too pressing and needy. I couldn’t hear anything but the drums. A good sync would have made this a great song.

2. Got Some

Better than Gonna See My Friend. Also, the premiere song of this album. Personally, I think The Fixer would have been a better choice. Nevertheless, it has the right number of ups and downs. The mix is just exact to get a good listen to the lyrics as well as to move with the beat. One of the few good songs in this album.

3. The Fixer

One of my personal favorites. The Fixer is a classic PJ song. After the first two songs, this one is sure to make you heave a huge sigh of relief and think “Finally!”. This one’s a perfect mix. And probably the best one in this album! Eddie Vedder has done a brilliant job in this one. The Fixer sure “fixes” this album.

4. Johnny Guitar

The background music is just perfect in this song. A nice attempt to drift from their usual pitch. But yet again, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. This song is sure to make the top 6 in this album. As the name suggests, one expects the guitar to be the prime instrument. A short guitar solo in the middle just makes Johnny Guitar a lot better.

5. Just Breathe

This song just gives a perfect “hatrick” to this album! Preceded by The Fixer and Johnny Guitar, this one shows off as a brilliant piece. I am yet to figure out what makes this such a good song. Wonder if its the soothing  background score or the well put lyrics. A song that has already come in a few movies and sitcoms, ‘Just Breathe’ is just becoming popular by the day. Overall, ‘Just Breathe’ is sure to find its way to top 3. Probably the one song in this album that will be on repeat all day !

6. Amongst The Waves

Eddie Vedder at his best, emotionally. A good portrayal of hardships, ‘Amongst The Waves’ can be classified as a “hopeful” song. Though its called ‘Amongst The Waves’, it sure is one of the best amongst the other songs on the album. There is light at the end of every tunnel. The fact is re-established every time its played.

7. Unthought Known

After a patient wait for about 15 seconds, the song starts off with a very melancholy sort of strain. Comes off as a very familiar song. Unthought Known is a pretty predictable song. The beats are at equal intervals of time, and the guitar is just a soft rhythm for about 2 minutes, till it strings off to a slightly more up-beat pitch. “Dream the dreams”, Unthought Known keeps the album going.

8. Supersonic

From the 1st second to the last one, this song slowly rips off the image of Pearl Jam in my head. A suicide if you ask me. Could have done a lot better. Eddie Vedder sure sounds like he could match the supersonic frequency. A major fail to this album.

9. Speed of Sound

Maybe its the title of the song that made me expect a lot from Pearl Jam, after “Speed of Sound by Coldplay”. In the beginning, I was literally holding onto hope for a good 3 minutes of music. A total hit after Supersonic, but when  compared to other songs by Pearl Jam, it ain’t a great one. For once, it felt like Eddie Vedder’s vocals was compromised. A total downbeat song, I got tired of waiting for the good part. Nevertheless, a good listen!

10. Force of Nature

Force of Nature is one of the good numbers in this album. Sure has the “force” of Pearl Jam.I liked this song the very instant I listened to it. Better than Speed of Sound, probably the 4th best song in this album. A must listen.

11. The End

Couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this album. The End is probably one of the best songs in this album. A perfect soothing number. The End gives just the right feel to the listener. Its good that its The End that sticks in the head of the listener rather than any other song in the album. Leaves a lasting impression. A great end to an average album! A sure favourite.

Album Reviewed by Annjana Ramesh , MusicPerk Team