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Produced by: Sayed Asif Jah , Megha Agarwal

Story by: Sayed Asif Jah

Directed by:Shuja Ali

Screenplay and dialogues by: Akshay Singh , Shuja Ali

Cinematography  by: Deepak Pandey

Editing by: Manan Sagar

Cast: Ali Fazal , Gulshan Grover , Anisa Butt, Amrita Raichand

Music: Harpreet Singh

Baat Ban Gayi is a comedy cum romance subject ,directed by Shuja Ali with the cast including Ali Fazal , Gulshan Grover , Anisa Butt, Amrita Raichand. The music is by Harpreet Singh, who is famous for his album “Teri rahmatein” , “Rehnuma” and Teri Justajoo.

baat ban gayi

Naseeba ★★★☆☆

Singer : Ash King

Lyrics :  Rajeev Pal Singh Rana

A soft feather touch song sung by Ash King sails slow and steady in the midst of a pop and electronic  setup safe and sound. While the lyrics do not add much value to the song, music director Harpreet Singh uses the chorus in a very innovative manner. The composition is interesting and may remind you of something very similar you have heard somewhere.

Dance Karna ★★★½☆

Singer : Sardaar Ali , Ash King

Lyrics : Rajeev Pal Singh Rana

A perfect Punjabi  song to drench in with a dousy dubstep patch , which follows to give a dance masti. This is so similar to Ainvayi Ainvayi from  Band Baaja Bharat.

Man Tu Shudi ★★★½☆

Singer :  Sonu Nigam

Lyrics : Ubaid Azam Azmi

The man who impacts his fans and listeners with his overflow of emotions and huff-puff vocals,Sonu Nigam strikes  and makes the only best one from the entire album. There are occasional solos played by violin and steady backing with the piano and guitars.

Bhago Mohan Pyare ★★★☆☆

Singer : Nakash Aziz

Lyrics : A M Turaz

A fun song ,which rolls out continous energy in the form of vocals by Nakash and never stops down for rest. This takes a lighter look on what happens when you land in a soup. The track is filled by trance , bhangra beats to fill the instrumental space. The title taken from classic Jaago Mohan Pyare lists all the funny situations the character find himself in.

Katto Rani ★★½☆☆

Singer : Javed Ali, Minal Jain

Lyrics : A M Turaz

Yet another Punjabi ghara song , which starts off slowly with the opening voice of Javed Ali and gradually gains speed when Minal Jain joins him for this short fine milieu. But the track has nothing new to offer in terms of either arrangement or lyrics or singing.

Picks of the album

Man Tu Shudi , Dance Karna


The songs in the album are too very short and in a flash ,each disappears even before you realise. A rather too short by Bollywood standards, but nonetheless a sweet surprise from Harpreet Singh.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆