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Music Band: The Hawthorne Effect

The Hawthorne Effect is a studio musician grade four piece rock band hailing from Chicago.


John Jauch (Smoke Off Vinyl, Killing the Enemy) – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Scott Fritz – (Dirty-White Fashion, The Morning Stares, Martha Berner) Lead Guitar/Vocals
Will Sprawls – (Dirty-White Fashion, The Morning Stares, Martha Berner)Bass or Keys (Never both ;)) / Vocals
Joe Babiak – (Kill Hanah, Michael Angelo Battio, Cage 9) Drums/Vocals

“The Hawthorne Effect” is the phenomenon by which knowing one is being observed affects one’s behavior.


Track Name Rating
All Wars Start This Way ★★★★☆
The Same ★★★★½
Viva ★★★☆☆
Run ★★★☆☆
Anything ★★½☆☆
Drunk Mistake ★★★☆☆
Marry Him ★★★★½
Awakeful Sleep ★★★★½
Devil Don’t Care ★★★½☆
Goodbye ★★★★½

1. All Wars Start This Way

The fresh voice of the artists and the unique peppy notes makes the track a pleasant listen. The song is complete in every aspect; the drums and his voice dominate to give the track complete thumbs up. The humming interjections make the song worth listening to.

2. The Same

The track starts with tappy notes that take an off-beat rhythm blend into vocals that form the very soul of the song later. As the song progresses you realize the artist is actually good and may well be the next big thing. Promising? A definite yes.

3. Viva

The song starts off on a very abrupt note, failing to make an impression on the listener. Although the progresses, the song shows immense signs of recovery and keeps the listener hooked. The consistency of the vocals and the acoustics

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are the stars of the songs, and give the song a decent finish.

4. Run

Turning to a completely genre from the rest of the tracks, the band gives soul music a try. Do they do a good job? Not quite. Although the music and the lyrics are impeccable, the vocals somehow lack that feeling of connect and don’t really carry an appeal. But along with the female vocals, the song retains its grace and turns out to be something than a mere decent track.

5. Anything

In the very first track of the album comes across as an immensely talented music band with a defined genre, but with this one they possibly let you down, trying to venture into genres that probably isn’t their forte. Better luck next time? May be.

6. Drunk Mistake

And they are back with a bang! The music band clearly seems at ease with the electro-pop music than anything else and shows. They make you croon to their music and stay with you. Apart from the not-so-pleasant interjections in the form of repeated crooning, the song makes for a good listen.

7. Marry Him

The misconception that the music band is restricted to a particular genre fades with this track. The song flows like a dream and can probably be touted as one of the best tracks of the album as it makes you realize the music band’s true potential. The track sure is a delight. Despite its many attributes, the song has an uncanny monotony associated with it.

8. Awakeful Sleep

There’s a lot more expected from a title track than from any other track. And easily enough the music band delivers it, in fact something more than the anticipated. This can easily be called the best track of the album and surely clears all kinds of inhibitions about the artist’s talent zone. Definitely, worth listening to.

9. Devil Don’t Care

As the track starts off, you begin to feel if the song really has anything new to offer but as it progresses you can’t really make out. The song seems to be a mish-mash of a couple of the previous tracks but that interlude with the guitar almost towards the end followed by the slow serenade is enough to make the track stand out.

10. Goodbye

This track is brilliant in every sense of the word and truly reminds of Pink Floyd. Yes, the track indeed touches your heart. This track not only makes you want to listen to it all over again, but it also leaves asking for more from this artist.

The album takes you through varies genres and apart from the slight disappointment somewhere hanging there, it manages to impress you beyond words. The Hawthorne Effect keep their audience hooked throughout the music album.

Picks from the album: Goodbye, Awakeful Sleep

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆