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Shashank Suresh

Alter Bridge – AB III

Blackbird gave the band a name; and they’ve lived up to that name in this album. Their music is technical to an extent and they’ve done a good job in mixing the emotions and varying the mood and tempo across the album. The duo of Mark and Myles works out well for the band and they’re well on their way to claiming the hard rock throne.

Black Clouds & Silver Linings – Dream Theater

I’d say this is one of the bands better albums, but not as good as Octavarium. The intended dark feel of the album has been done exceedingly well and DT shows yet again that they are one of the best progressive metal bands out there. What lies ahead for DT after the exit of Portnoy I do not know, but I only pray they continue to entertain their millions of fans out there.

Scream – Ozzy Osbourne

First things first. Goodbye to Zakk wylde and welcome Gus G. I have to say this is a step forward cause Zakk dividing time between the band and his own troupe ‘Black Label Society’ hasn’t been of much help to the band. All the songs have been structured well, with thrash sounding riffs and excellent leads; the making of good quality music I must say.

Children of Bodom – Relentless Reckless Forever

The album sticks mainly to the band’s melodic death metal tag but it has thrash elements in it as well. The most conspicuous detail I observed from this album was that Laiho is working more on his vocals and it’s quite evident. Genre consistency may plague this particular band but they’ve come beyond all that and this bunch of Finnish musicians is a force to be reckoned with.

Death Magnetic – Metallica

The 9th in the list of musical marvels from this hard core thrash band, Death Magnetic is probably as good as Black but still is one of their best. This album is quite different from its predecessor St.Anger, which had no solos. With Death Magnetic, Metallica have gone back to their thrash roots and the album has its fair share of brilliant solos.
The Oracle

The Oracle

I first heard that Godsmack opened for Metallica a few years ago, and figured they’d be pretty good (Duh it’s Metallica we’re talking about here). And ever since that, I’ve been a big fan of Sully Erna and his boys. The band continues to amaze, coming out with their fifth studio album. First listen and I’m in love with it.The album is mainly a compilation of short bursts of aggression all acting as a sounding board for Sully Erna’s roar.If you expected Godsmack to experiment with this album, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you,all I have to say is that Sully Erna and his boys have made that blasphemy look like a kid who wet his pants in class.


The album is aggressive and dark in nature with themes more mature in contrast to their previous albums. On a whole, Dan Donegan continues to improve and his guitar playing skills have reached a new level. David Draiman’s voice is a major plus for any band.

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