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Priyatham Vennapusa

Walk the Talk with Keba Jeremiah

You are already familiar with Keba Jeremiah, the passionate guitarist whom you saw on television on Vijay TV or MTV. In this interview, Keba Jeremiah talks his heart out about his experiences with working with AR Rahman, his passion for the string instruments and his first love! Meet Keba Jeremiah, who in the last 3 years, has accumulated an impressive repertoire of Tamil and Hindi films including Paiya, Pasanga, Engeyum Kadhal, Savari, 3 Kings, Avan Ivan, Mangatha, 3, Action Replay, Rockstar and Ek Deewana Tha.

Interview with Shilpa Natarajan

I began learning Carnatic music when I was three (It was sort of a rule to learn music in our household really). But at that point, I just wanted to play and have a good time with the other kids! So I would chill with them most of the time. But my family is also quite into music