Movie Album : Aurangzeb

 Director : Atul Sabharwal

 Producer : Aditya Chopra

 Music Director : Vipin Mishra and Amartya Rahut

 Singers : Vipin Mishra, K. Mohan, Keerthi Sagathia, Ram Sampath, Sashaa Agha, Marianne D’Cruz Aiman


 A fast paced thriller movie, Aurangzeb released on 17th of this month. The movie has managed to get quite a few good reviews however after the first week of it’s release the movie doesn’t really seem to have appealed to the audience. Starring Arjun Kapoor, Sashaa Agha, Swara Bhaskar and Prithviraj Sukumaran the movie made a collection of 3.75 crore on it’s opening day.

The music album consists of nine songs out of which four of them are instrumental. The movie didn’t really do well at the box office but let’s have a look at how the music of this movie fares:

Song   Singer Rating
Barbaadiyan Ram Sampath and Sashaa Agha ★★★★☆
Jigra Fakira Keerthi Sagathia ★★★½☆
Barbaadi K. Mohan ★★★★☆
Aurangeb Marianne D’Cruz Aiman ★★★★☆
Aurangzeb rock version Vipin Mishra ★★★½☆
Trial by fire (Main Theme) (Instrumental) ★★★½☆
Battleground Gurgaon (Instrumental) ★★★☆☆
The Father’s truth (Instrumental) ★★½☆☆
Aurangzeb – orchestral (Instrumental) ★★½☆☆

 1.      Barbaadiyan

 You will love how this song starts off, it’s fast and pumps you up. The vocals sound like it’s sung by someone who has an accent which sounds terrible in the beginning but towards the chorus it sounds brilliant. This one is bustling with energy and a definite addition to your party play list. Excellent job done by the singers, the song is here to stay.

 2.      Jigra Fakira

 This is one song which you will enjoy listening to one a long drive. It’s quite gloomy but somehow it still manages not to create a morbid atmosphere after listening to it. Vocals is the best aspect of this song, it’s absolutely melodious. The music too, compliments the vocals really well hence it makes this one a must listen.

 3.      Barbaadi

 The song starts off on a very slow pace, where, there is just some singing and no music but 30 seconds into the song and a rock like music kicks off. It’s surprising to see how well a rock like music sounds brilliant against a song which is sung at a slow pace and has lyrics which is morbid.

This is one of those songs which you would put on repeat time and again.

 4.      Aurangzeb

 If you are looking to listen to a song which is a combination of good music,lyrics and vocals this track should be the one you should listen to. It’s a little too slow yet you don’t feel like skipping this one. It’s melodious, royal like and an example of how three important aspects of songs should blend together to make a song as beautiful as this one.

 5.      Aurangzeb (Rock Version)

 If you want to listen to some good rock music among Hindi music albums, this song is the one you should listen to. You have heavy rock song starting off the song followed by some brilliant singing. However if you are someone who prefers soft music not too hard on your ears this is not for you.

 6.      Trial by fire (Instrumental)

 Trial by fire is the theme song of the movie and it’s lovely. This two minute instrumental has it’s high and low notes which is what makes this track worth listening to.

 7.      Battleground Gurgaon (Intrumental)

 Running up to three minutes this instrumental sounds like a typical thriller song. It creates this aura of suspense which would really compliment well with the theme of the movie. However the only time one would like to listen to this song is when it’s played during the movie.

 8.      The Fathers truth (Instrumental)

 As this track starts off you would feel like skipping it because it sounds so depressing and can get your mood off easily. Tracks like this one are only suitable to be heard during the movie and not separately as a part of an album.

 9.      Aurangzeb orchestral (instrumental)

 This track is a short one which sounds so royal. However, this track wouldn’t really appeal to you making you want to listen to it again.

 Verdict : The album starts off on a really good note. The first five songs of the album are something you would love to here again and again. The vocals are at it’s best and surprisingly the music of this album is way better than one would have expected it to be. This is where the appeal of this album lies, it exceeds ones expectations. On the other hand, the instrumental don’t do really well but never the less the other tracks of the album compensate for it. Listen to this album for it’s vocals and music, it’s different, pleasing to the ears and energizing.

 Overall Rating : ★★★★★★★★☆☆