Song: Atlas

Artist: Coldplay

Label: Parlophone

Genre: Alternative rock


This new track by Coldplay, written for the soundtrack of The Hunger Games – Catching Fire,
certainly stirs a fire in our hearts. A throwback to the old, much loved Coldplay style, this track immediately captivates and imparts a sense of peace, of warm hearths and sunsets.

The song begins with the soft lilting tunes of the piano, added to by Chris Martin’s smooth and melodious voice, singing of things of war and conflict, yet causing an effect of instant awe and calmness. The song, written specific to this movie, fits the bill perfectly.

As it progresses, with Martin crooning on about carrying the world, the instrument mix gets more intricate, all the while retaining its elegance. It takes us on a journey in our minds, with a heartwarming mix of tunes, to

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create a perfect cure for mid day stress. This song is one for the charts, and definitely one for our hearts.

Rating : ★★★★★★★★★☆

Track verdict: This track for Catching Fire is all set to warm hearts world over