Director: Rajpal Yadav

Music Directors: Sukhwinder, Sujeet Choube, Amod Bhatt

Lyrics: Sameer

Cast: Rajpal Yadav, Ashutosh Rana, Asrani, Dara Singh

Movie release Date: October 12th 2012

Rajpal Yadav makes his debut as a producer and director with this movie. Interestingly, this was the last movie for actor Dara Singh. Sukhwinder Singh who is more popular as a singer gets into the shoes of a music composer. The music was released by none other than Amitabh Bachchan himself at a ceremony. Rajpal also displayed some of his dancing prowess during this function. Rajpal Yadav announced during the music release function that this will be a musical satire drawn from his personal experiences. That puts a lot of attention on and expectation from the movie’s music. Being a Rajpal Yadav film, one can expect a high comedy quotient in it which could reflect in the music too. Would the album live up to it?




Ata pata laapata

Sukhwinder Singh


Ram Bharose

Sukhwinder Singh


Don’t take tension

Raghubeer Yadav



Malini Awasthi


Lelo Lelo Sale Lagi hai

Raghubeer Yadav





Tidik Jham

Swaroop Khan


Ye Zamein

Sukhwinder Singh


 1.       Ata pata laapata

This is one of the longest songs that I have heard that goes on for close to nine minutes. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh, this one’s the title track and is a fast track. There is extensive use of harmonium and table along with electronic percussion. Good fusion there. This would make you shake a leg. The harmonium and the shehnai bring a Sufi feel to the number. Sukhwinder displays good modulation of voice and pace that makes the long song enjoyable. The lyric too is interesting and speaks of what is found in the society around us. At one or two places, the composer does introduce English words but that effect is shadowed by Sukhwinder’s desi-style. Sukhwinder brings the song to a very teasingly humorous ending that just cannot be missed. Although the composer has made all efforts to make the song interesting and engaging, the only dampener here is the long duration of the song which would seriously test our patience unless you are really into the lyric of the song. Listen to it for the words and for Sukhwinder’s voice.

2.       Ram Bharose

The start of the song reminds me of the music in DDLJ- the beats seem too similar. The usual norm is to start songs on a low tempo and then gradually increase its pace but this song is an exception. The song has some fast beats but the variation of the pace is a really engaging ploy. This one too has some witty lyrics that would bring a smile. Sukhwinder once again steals the show with his hoarse voice. Sukhwinder somehow fails to induce you into the funny humorous mood of the song unless you listen keenly to the lyrics. He songs it like any other song of his. The song takes a serious turn towards the end with the repeated chant of something made popular by Aamir Khan-“Sathyamev Jayate”.

3.       Don’t take tension

The words capture you right from the start. Raghubeer Yadav is able to bring out the witty mood of the song with his voice. The lyric would make you laugh out loud all through the song. The English words and the desi-music fuse to create a different feel to the song. The music uses traditional instruments and adds a folk touch to it with the extensive use of harmonium and tabla. The song ends in just over three minutes. While it may seem apt for some, other who enjoyed the words to the hilt would be left craving for more.

4.       Joban

The song again is set in the background of folklore. The shehnai and the harmonium give the song a qawwali like feel. The words appear rhyming in some places. The words are interesting to hear and enjoyable. The song jumps into a conversation mode towards the middle. The male and the female voices complement each other to create what can be best termed “Hungama”. Malini’s voice is teasing and scintillating. The song ends on an interesting note with some lines of dialogue put in.

5.       Lelo Lelo Sale Lagi hai

The song is a must listen for its words. Raghubeer does justice to the fun and the comedy quotient in the words. The instruments used are ‘folky’ and traditional. Most part of the song proceeds in chorus. The song lasts for just over three minutes and I bet you, by then you would be on the floor laughing your guts out.

6.       Sumirni

The words provoke a laugh riot again. The song proceeds in chorus and at a uniform pace with the harmonium playing the background at all times. The music reminds you of those all night long play in the rural parts that make use of similar instruments. The song ends on a laughable note.

7.       Tidik Jham

The voice can easily be misunderstood for Sukhwinder’s. I am still in confusion if this is the voice of Swaroop Khan or of Sukhwinder. The music is again ‘folky’. The music is rhythmic and the words would again make you laugh at it. The song has been well constructed in order to bring out the humour quotient in it. A foot tapping number!!

8.       Ye Zamein

Sukhwinder comes on again. The music brings a serious tone to the song. The song brings a 360 –degree change in your mood—from one of laughter and fun to some seriousness and sorrow. The words talk of the suffering of the people whom I presume are in the rural parts. The song proceeds at a relatively slower pace with some hard thumping percussion. The undertone brought about by the words is one of sadness but sadly, Sukhwinder seems never to vary his voice to induce you into the mood of the song. Listen to the song for the voice. The lyric too is very touching if you give it a serious ear.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

VERDICT: Worth a listen. Listen to it for the words and the humour in them. If you are a Sukhwinder Singh fan, you can’t miss this.

This is a decent album with a heavy touch of folk in almost all the songs. Being a Rajpal Yadav movie, every song displays humour and wit. Although the words are humorous, sadly, some singers were not able to bring it out properly. Raghubeer yadav and Malini Awasthi were the pick of the singers. I would have preferred Raghubeer to sing the first two songs too. Sukhwinder does a good job as always with his voice.

Sameer excels with his lyrics in all the songs. The words create a virtual laughter riot while inducing you into the plight of the characters in the last song.

Be ready to laugh you guts out with this album!