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Band – Disturbed

Album – Asylum

The album is aggressive and dark in nature with themes more mature in contrast to their previous albums. On a whole, Dan Donegan continues to improve and his guitar playing skills have reached a new level. David Draiman’s voice is a major plus for any band.

Album ★★★½☆







The Infection




Another way to die


Never again


The Animal






My child






Remnants – Opening track to the album. Slower than what most people would expect from the likes of Draiman and Donegan, but intriguing in its own way. Amazing guitar pieces by Dan Donegan carry the song.

Asylum – One of those songs that you can feel like no other. The way David Draiman changes voices, singing with emotion and the rhythm guitar are the main highlights of this song. Probably not one of his best solos, but Dan Donegan seems to be getting better at making his own pieces.

The infection – A speedy intro whilst probably not one of their best, but the song progresses into a good rhythm and Donegan takes over from there. Draiman’s vocals are any day an added bonus.

Warrior – Draiman takes the awesomeness of his vocals to a new high. Dan Donegan is up to the challenge of supporting the voice with brilliant solos and the bass in the background gels perfectly with Donegan’s notes.

Another Way To Die – The lead single of the album. It starts off slow but is an extremely catchy song. Slow bass at the intro but it picks up speed as the song progresses.

Never Again – Good drum intro to the song about holocaust. Draiman varies his pitch well according to the rhythm. Catchy chorus lines and Donegan’s solos are a plus.

The Animal – Starts off with weird electronic sounds, not seen in use before by them, but an innovative idea. Draiman’s vocals are perfectly synchronized with instruments. Dan Donegan shows why he should be one of the best. A very powerful song and catches on in the first listen.

Crucified – Draiman’s raging vocals go along with the amazing rhythm. Draiman shows why he is one of the best. Good work on the drums by Mike Wengren.

Serpentine – Distortions on the intro. The intensity with which Draiman sings is simply mind-blowing. A song hard to explain but one which you’ll keep listening to. The way the music fades in with the violin is just beautiful.

My Child – The song starting with a baby screaming is probably crazy but the lyrics are monstrously brilliant. Draiman expresses them quite well too.

Sacrifice – Impressive riffs in the intro. The song is both aggressive and melodic in its own way. Draiman expresses quite well while Dan Donegan continues to impress.

Innocence – Fast and melodic, Mike Wengren impresses. The interaction between the drums, guitar and vocals is phenomenal.

Album Review by Shashank Suresh , MusicPerk Team.