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Internet radio has opened many new doors for indie artists. Assault Radio has quickly become one of the premier Internet radio stations, leading the way for such artists to finally be heard, charted, and appreciated by a rapidly expanding global audience. With several Assault Radio programs on air; including the 24/7 Countdown, Club Lux and Friday Night Blitz, the station seems to have something in their rotation for most listeners to enjoy.

Assault Radio #1 Artist T.O.N.E-z

Assault Radio started its endeavors in 2009 as a Live365 station. Since then, the non-profit Wisconsin based station has maintained its principal goals to promote independent artists and foster the art of networking through the many social avenues available via the web. For example, “Facebook and Twitter are both great ways to promote yourself when you can’t afford a proper promotions team. Plus, it makes it easier to interact with our listeners and artists and much easier to post something online and let the viral world do the work for you. I always see measurable results in listener stats when I post something on Facebook and Twitter.”

Next to today’s biggest hits, what exactly can listeners expect to hear on Assault Radio? “We listen to every song that is submitted to decide what gets played. If a track doesn’t make it into the rotation, I send the artist a personalized e-mail explaining why and what I think they could fix to get it placed. I’m here to help, not judge,” explains station owner Tim Wilsey.

Assault retains an open stream of artist submissions flowing in from all over the world. When an indie artist is placed into the rotation, there is a chance for their tracks to get charted next to today’s biggest pop stars. With Assault hitting nearly 250 countries, and China and Europe occupying a major percentage of those listeners, indie artists have a huge opportunity here to have listeners prove that a hit isn’t just manufactured by majors record labels, but they are created by listeners and fans around the world.

Listeners can tune into Assault Radio daily at www.Assaultradio.com, and artists can get more information for submitting and promoting their music on the Artist Submission page of their website.