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Production: A Raghuram, AM Rathnam

Cast: Ajith Kumar, Arya, Nayanthara, Taapsee Pannu

Direction,Screenplay,Dialogues: Vishnuvardhan

Story: Subha, Vishnuvardhan

Music and Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Om Prakash, P. S. Vinod

Editing: A Sreekar Prasad

Lyrics : Pa.Vijay, Psycho Unit, Rubba Bend

Distribution: Sathya Sai Movies

Aarambam is touted to be the expected entertainer of 2013 and is sure to fulfill Thala fans .The star cast includes Ajith,Arya,Nayantara,Tapsee pannu. The Movie is directed by the Vishnuvaradhan, who worked with Ajith in his earler billa , which was a block-buster. The music is by the former’s forever dependable Yuvan Shankar raja.


Adadada Arrambame

Singers: Shankar Mahadevan

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

An introduction song, which Yuvan always

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concentrates for big stars is successful as always and this elevates you to a dhamaka mood. Shankar Mahadevan croons this with his sound thrashing voice for a mega commercial after a very long time. The usage of Punjabi music is extensively seen in this track and the pace never ceases down till the end after that one AARAMBAM. The lyrics too convey a lot of philosophical lines.

En Fuse Pochu

Singers: Karthik, Ramya

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

A romantic song that’s is delivered with synths, violins, accordions ,electronic sounds, words in rhythmic style starts with Karthik and NSK Ramya bringing the joy of listening to the simple melody through their dope singing. The lines tell how the lover boy wants the girl to express her love. Though it is Yuvan style all the way, it is somewhere similar to “Paithiyam pidikudhu” from Baana kaathadi.

Hare Rama

Singers: Shakthishree Gopalan, Tanvi Shah

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

Shakthihshree and Tanvi spills out the song in traditional Spanish pop style, middle east mumbles and techno sounds. The song is rich and easily gets you into the groove just like “sei edhavadhu” from Billa. There is occasional Korean fiddle used. Wait for this song to be picturized , you will know why the track is grand.

Melala Vedikudhu

Singers: Vijay Yesudas , Ranjith, Shweta Mohan,

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay

A string mix and female chorus furiously clashes with the slow melody rendered with mild attitude by Vijay Yesudas, Ranjith and Swetha Mohan. Soon the bhangra beats and banjo celebrate the track with some solid distortion guitars in upbeat style. But doesn’t it ring yuvan that a similar violo start is present in Vidyasagar’s Paarthiban kanavu .A mass friendship song meant only for Thala fans.

Stylish Thamizhachi

Singers: Rubba Bend M.M.Manasi, Psycho Unit

Lyrics: Pa.Vijay, Rubba Bend

Yuvan seems to be very comfortable when he is in the R&B mode and this track is one fine example which shows his confidence in collaboration and content. Rubba bend provides the push necessary for the song with some stylish lyrics and vocalization. Manasi , on the other side picks up the baton and runs in for a throttle spree. Then we have psycho unit joining the gang providing the hops.

Picks of the album: Stylish Thamizhachi , Hare rama , Mella vedikudhu

Verdict: Yuvan Shankar raja continues to hit the bull’s eye with Aarambam after the recent release Biryani. Pa.Vijay will engage the listeners with his new-age lyrics and is the only lyricist in the album. Singers are perfectly used in every song that is in and look for Rubba band, who is sure to rock the industry soon. This is indeed a grand beginning for the Aarambam and that may be the reason why the film is titled so!

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

– Review by Nishok Kumar