Music Director: K

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Thappaattam Ranjini Chander,K,Sharadha,Harish ★★★½☆
Indha Vaan Veli Anand Aravindakshan ★★★★☆
Dhishai Ariyaadhu Vandana Srinivasan ★★★½☆
Indha Vaan Veli – Flute Version Instrumental ★★★½☆
I Won’t Give Up Instrumental ★★★☆☆
Ode To Motherhood Instrumental ★★★★☆



Singer-: Ranjini Chander,K,Sharadha,Harish

Lyrics-: Subbu

Thappattam is a club member sung by Sharadha and the composer himself. Music director K has shown his extensive talent after his very first film Yudham sei.  He has kept abreast of the latest taste of the masses and their sense of songs and produced this unique track with a combination of retro, disco and a small piece of kuthu in the middle making it catchy, compelling the listeners to shake a leg along with the beat.

Indha vaan veli

Singer -: Anand Aravindakshan

Lyrics -: Subbu

The sweet vocal of Anand Aravindakshan is the big plus of this song along with the mind moving lyrics of Subbu. The director has composed the music very well by giving high pitches at the right times. He has again rocked this melody song with the use of simple instruments like the Tabla, Guitar and flute. Due to this, the song has connected with many and it’s a testimony to the clear talent of the composer.

Dhishai Ariyaadhu

Singer -: Vandana Srinivasan

Lyrics -: Subbu

Once you hear the song, you start believing that beats are not at all required to enjoy a song. The sweet voice of Vandana Srinivasan forms the heart of this short and simple song. It brings out the feelings of longing, happiness, pathos and then a hope of fresh sunlight towards the end.

Indha Vaan Veli – Flute Version

Instrumentation: K

This is a flute version of the song Indha Vaan Veli. This song has really shaped up well despite the use of only one instrument – the flute. This theme succeeds in adding charm to the album just like the other songs.

 I Won’t Give Up

Instrumentation: K

This theme tells us that the composer is a follower of music giant Illayaraja. Use of the nuanced flute and tabla combo has packed a good punch in the theme which binds us into hearing it fully.

 Ode To Motherhood

Instrumentation: K

This song gives you a feel about your dear ones. It is K’s passion for music that has motivated him into giving us a completely typical theme using only simple instruments.


Album Rating★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Aarohanam is a complete album having songs for all ages of the society. The album has come along nicely and upon hearing the songs, one can’t help but show huge appreciation for the whole music team. The beats and high pitches are the highlights of the album even though the melodies are pretty good as well. The composer has proved his talent yet again and we hope you enjoy the richness of the music!