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Music Album: Arc & Stones

Music Artist/Band: Arc & Stones

Record Label: Self-released

Arc & Stones Album Cover

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Silence Arc & Stones ★★★★☆
Say Goodbye Arc & Stones ★★★½☆
Let Me Down Arc & Stones ★★★½☆
She’s Mine Arc & Stones ★★★½☆
Rise Arc & Stones ★★★☆☆

1. Silence

Right away, this sounds nothing like a young band in any way. The production is world class, and the group tread the line between the mainstream and gritty blues rock, with a mixture of the Black Keys at some points and DEP’s Greg Puciato’s melodic rasp at others. The chorus provides an epic wail

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that would make Incubus jealous considering their output as of late.

2. Say Goodbye

“Say Goodbye” provides a more mainstream flavor than “Silence”, although the soulful blues vocals bring the authenticity home, making this another home run single.

3. Let Me Down

A ballad that walks on the Bon Jovi side of the line slightly, but the honesty of the piece pulls it through.

4. She’s Mine

Once again, Arc & Stones get mean, surprisingly mean, and it makes for a rock n’ roll track filled with attitude. Extremely catchy.

5. Rise

Another rocker with some Soundgarden influence for good measure. A great, melodic track and closer to a great release.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Arc & Stones seem to come out of nowhere with a far beyond professional rock release in their self-titled EP. Tracks like “Silence” and “She’s Mine” have far more right being played on rock radio than many of the acts gracing the airwaves today, but all that should change soon if the early buzz this band is receiving provides any indication of where they’re headed. Combining the best elements of the Black Keys, Incubus, and Soundgarden, Arc & Stones seem to know exactly what they want and they deliver it effortlessly.

Check out Arc & Stones at http://www.facebook.com/arcandstones.