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Music Director : Karthik

We all have known a great singer in Karthik. He has been the lead singer and has given life to various awesome songs. This time, he emerges as a composer. His debut album ‘Aravaan’, a period film is directed by critically acclaimed Vasantha Balan and stars Aadhi, Pasupathy and Dhansika in the lead. How does he fare as a composer? Let us see.

Song Rating
Kalavu ★★★½☆
Naagamalai Saanchiduchu ★★★½☆
Nandakumara ★★★★☆
Nila Nila Poguthae ★★★★½
Oore Oore Ennapetha ★★★☆☆
Oruvaan Iruvaan ★★★½☆
Unna Kolla Poren ★★★★☆


1. Kalavuda

Singers : Mano, Pasupathy, Kottaichami, Karunanidhi, Rahul Nambiar, MLR. Karthikeyan, Vijay Narain, Malathi, Harish

The album starts with a group song! A group song with these many singers after a long time. It sounds like a song sung by a group of robbers. The first song in the album itself proves the mettle of Karthik as a versatile composer. Though his experience as a singer all these days would have been of help in composing a song like this, it still is a cool composition for a beginner.

2. Naagamalai Sanchiduchu

Singers : Gopal, Seerkazhi Sivachidambaram, Narayanan

Another group song, this one symbolizes the might of ‘Aravaan’. Karthik has done a really good job with singers selection. The song’s tune and rendering perfectly matches the mood that it intends to set.  The way the song starts and the way it ends are totally different. The sudden transition from the fast start to a melodious song is again a brilliance. Thumbs up to this song!

3. Nandakumara

Singer : Subhiksha

When I was listening to ‘Naagamalai Sanchiduchu’, I was wondering if the melody part of the song could be a separate song as a whole. And here it is. The second part of the previous song as a separate song again. A lovely rendition by the lead singer. It talks about the greatness of ‘Aravaan’ again. Kudos!

4. Nila Nila Poguthae

Singers : Vijay Prakash, Harini

My favorite in this album. Karthik ventures into melody and shines there too. The first thing you notice about this song is Vijay Prakash. He sounds different! He sounds cooler. And he is accompanied by none other than Harini. Together, it is an awesome melody. The song is catchy like a childhood rhyme. The tune set is simple and nice too. Thumbs up to this song!

5. Oore Oore Ennapetha

Singers : Krishnaraj, Mukesh, Periya Karuppu Thevar, Rita, Priya

This song sets the mood for this being a ‘period film’. The sounds and female chorus add sheen to it. It maintains its pace right from the start. A passable song with a good mix of rural folk and the surrounding music.

6. Oruvaan Iruvaan

Singer : Karthik

What is an album from Karthik without him singing a song in it? This slightly fast paced song seems to fall on lines of ‘Naagamalai Saanchiduchu’ in this album. It again talks about the greatness and prowess of ‘Aravaan’ with few of the same lines of the former song repeating itself here.

7. Unna Kolla Poren

Singers : MLR. Karthikeyan, Bhavatharini

The album ends with a  well composed melody from Karthik. It exploits Bhavatharini’s voice to suit its mood properly. The interludes in this song are noteworthy.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

In his very first attempt, singer Karthik has proved himself as a promising music director. He used to charm us with his singing and now his compositions are equally charming. He does justice to this period film. Behold! We have a composer in the town and hopefully he is going to rock in his coming albums too. Plug in your headphones soon.