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‘People Like Us’ is an upcoming drama film directed by debutant Alex Kurtzman and the album is composed by Oscar Award Winner A R Rahman. The album is scheduled to release on June 19. The official track listing for this album has been released. The track listing is as shown below.

1. People Like Us (A.R. Rahman)

2. New York To L.A. (A.R. Rahman)

3. Dad’s Studio (A.R. Rahman)

4. Dad’s Shaving Kit (A.R. Rahman)

5. Following Frankie (A.R. Rahman)

6. Frankie’s Burning Desire (A.R. Rahman)

7. Beat the Living (A.R. Rahman)

8. Welcome to People (A.R. Rahman)

9. Mom (A.R. Rahman)

10. Tacos (A.R. Rahman)

11. Discount Prom Dress (A.R. Rahman)

12. Airport Adventures (Michael ‘Nomad’ Ripoll)

13. Six Rules (A.R. Rahman)

14. Breakfast for Mom / Just Be People (A.R. Rahman)

15. Crab Drumming / Finding Sam (A.R. Rahman)

16. I Am Your Brother (A.R. Rahman)

17. Family Pictures (A.R. Rahman)

18. Dotted Line (Liz Phair)

Rahman’s fans are are excited and are having high expectations about the album. His previous ventures such as ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘127 hours’ and ‘Couples Retreat’ were also famous for the music. Let us hope his magic continues.