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Song: Applause

Artist: Lady GaGa

Genre: Electropop

Label: Streamline; Interscope Records


In case you haven’t heard yet, Applause, Lady GaGa’slead single for her upcoming album ARTPOP was released on 12th August 2013, much before the intended release date thanks to low-quality snippet leaks. Since then, it has been fervently compared to Katy Perry’s also rush-released single, Roar, intensifying their race to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Is it worth the hype?

Applause, written and produced by Lady GaGa and DJ White Shadow, is certainly on its way to achieve its intended effect: as a ridiculously catchy radio-friendly track to groove to, applaud to (heh), you know the drill.


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has all the ingredients of an electro pop song that makes you go GaGa: the vocals are not unappealing for the most part, there are a few layered artsy-theatric lines thrown in that lead to the synth drums-filled unarguably EPIC chorus that almost has you holding your hands together to make a loud noi- BANG, yes, it happens. The horribly gimmicky song, give it one or two listens (or ten, with the airplay it’s likely to receive), draws you in. Especially as GaGa confesses that she “live[s] for the applause-plause/live for the applause-plause” (po-po-po-poker face, anyone?), you’re hooked, as the deliberately drawn out chorus entices you in spite of yourself.

But these bare essential elements don’t necessarily make it worthy of the pre-release excitement, leaks and ongoing “pop war”. For Applause is nothing you haven’t heard before. Despite being built around the concept of feeding on mass adoration that is unflinchingly current, it relies on opening beats that are pretty much interchangeable with some of her other songs and a no-brainer chorus. The only part of the song that I found commendable was the drum beats during the lines “the way that you cheer and scream for me” that made me feel airborne for a minute before it retreated back to the vein of deafening predictability. Hopefully, Applause is just a warm-up tosmarter and less manufactured songs awaiting us in ARTPOP. The next Poker Face or Bad Romance, it is definitely not.

Verdict:An aggressively marketed, ridiculously catchy and overproduced electro pop single that comes nowhere near matching the caliber of previous GaGa hits.

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆