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Movie : Angel

Music Director : Amjad Nadeem

Album Rating: ★★★☆☆

Song Name

Song Singers


Phir Teri

Sonu Nigam


Rubaru(Kyun Faaslein Hai)

Shweta Pandit


Aye Khuda

Sonu Nigam



Shweta Pandit


Tell Me Why

Neeraj Sridhar


Titliyon Ki Phoor

Shweta Pandit


Aye Khuda

Sukhwinder Singh


1. Phir Teri

The first song in this album. Phir teri is a brilliant love song. Sonu Nigam has done a great job as always. A perfect romantic number. I’d mark this song as hopeful.

2. Rubaru (Kyun Faaslein Hai)

Sung by Shweta Pandit, this song starts off with a soft note. But soon picks up and transforms into this really nice happy song. When I first heard this song, I couldn’t help but picture this song being shot in a beautiful field with a scenic background. Rubaru totally fits that image. It gives the “You will always be with me” sort of feel.

3. Aye Khuda

With a wonderful thrilling start , Aye Khuda stands out in this album. The beats just make this song a lot better. It talks about memories, mistakes and life in general. A song I’d put on repeat if I was travelling.

4. Angel

The song that most people listen to first (as it has the same name as the movie). Shweta Pandit has been carefully chosen for this song. She sings in a high pitch with such great ease. Honestly, I expected much better from Amjad , since its named after the movie.

5. Tell Me Why

From the beginning, I was hooked onto this song. To describe this song in a few words, its similar to probably a very fast and groovy version of “Jaane Kyon” from “Dil Chahta Hai”. None other than Neeraj Sridhar could have done a better job. Brilliant song!

6. Titliyon Ki Phoor

This is my favourite song in this album. Titliyon Ki Phoor has this rich music, very similar to most classic hindi songs. Shweta Pandit’s energetic voice makes this song absolutely perfect. A song to shed more light on the heroine and focus on her. This song is sure to make  its way to the top. Titliyon Ki Phoor totally makes you want to jump around and chase butterflies!

7. Aye Khuda

Same as the other Aye Khuda, except this one is by Sukhwinder Singh. The music and the background remains the same as the Sonu Nigam’s Aye Khuda. Sonu Nigam’s version has a little more drag in the vocals when compared to this one.

Album Reviewed by Annjana Ramesh , Musicperk Team