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The 3rd album from the band, thusly named AB III, is a lot darker than their previous 2 albums but they’ve found that gas that’s helped them go the extra mile here. Most people will have expected a lot after Blackbird and the band has delivered quite well.

Myles Kennedy, the lead vocalist and Mark Tremonti have grown in skill with their guitars and it’s evident from the quality of music they’ve made here.

Album ★★★½☆

Song Rating
Slip to the void ★★★½☆
Isolation ★★★½☆
Ghost of days gone by ★★★★☆
All hope is gone ★★★½☆
Still remains ★★★½☆
Make it right ★★★☆☆
Wonderful life ★★★½☆
I know it hurts ★★★☆☆
Show me a sign ★★★☆☆
Fallout ★★★½☆
Breathe again ★★★☆☆
Couer D’Alene ★★★½☆
Life must go on ★★★★☆
Words darker than their wings ★★★½☆

Slip to the void – The song starts off in a promising fashion with only Myles soft voice and little synth playing in the back and at 1:30 the song explodes into full metal. Guitars start rippling and distortions take over. It then breaks into a gloomy riff and a long chorus followed by a synchronized bridge. A good start I have to say.

Isolation – The fastest song in the album; starts off sounding a bit like St.Anger by Metallica. Tremonti’s speed metal traits begin to show in a few leads that sounded a lot like Dave Mustaine. Myles then takes over for the solo; and does exceedingly well. The song combines the basic dark themes of the album with an inspirational feel and it’s been done well.

Ghost of days gone by – This is one of the songs that stood out; well for me at least. The subtle picking of Tremonti’s notes is backed by an upbeat drum rhythm from Scott Phillips. Myles has a great voice for rock I must say. The solo is short but it fits well into the song.

All hope is gone – Another dark song; what I liked most about this song was the way the song progressed into the subsequent section with apparent ease. And Tremonti’s riffing just gets better and better and his solo was exceptionally brilliant.

Still remains – The main riff is the highlight of the song and it’ll make Geoff Boycott go “what a belter of a song!” It’s Alter Bridge at their metal extremes and they’re doing a wonderful job up until now.

Make it right – After going into the dark side a bit, AB decides to make a happy song to maintain the balance. The verse is more of surging arpeggios rather than just chords. The song maintains its energy throughout and the song closes on another one of Tremonti’s good solos.

Wonderful life – The song is about death and loss and it’s been made covered brilliantly. They manage to both create feelings of mourning and celebration. Myles showcases his picking talent and shows he can more than sing; his delicate solo is just incredible.

I know it hurts – Halfway through and a good journey so far. The mood switches here into more cheerful territory. The song is about overcoming struggles. Another hammering riff figures in the song but it fits perfectly. Again this song closes on another Tremonti solo and so far he has never failed to deliver.

Show me a sign – A mid-paced dark track; it surges into a dual voiced chorus. There are 2 solos in the song and the first one sounded a bit different from what they’ve made so far. The second solo is trademark Tremonti.

Fallout – Flowing country sounding guitar lines in the verse; an anthem of a verse; the making of an awesome song. Tremonti’s solo scurries around the rhythm with such precision and you can see they’ve worked on this and it’s been done well.

Breathe again – Another happy-go song with ringing guitars. There isn’t much musical backing in the verses, which are carried well by Myles’ voice.

Couer D’Alene – One of my favorite tracks in the album. What I loved best about this song is the way Tremonti brings the heavy riff of his in and out of the melody. Myles singing is just about perfect I’d say and his voice fits perfectly for the song.

Life must go on – The song is paced similar to breathe again and the song starts off well with the intro chord sequence. It has a strong mid-section and the chorus just keeps getting better and better. Tremonti’s melodic solo fits perfectly behind the rhythm and vocals.

Words darker than their wings – The finale and Tremonti does lead vocals; and he does a good job out of it too. The song is mostly typical AB styled arpeggios and Myles’ solo in the end finishes the album perfectly.

Blackbird gave the band a name; and they’ve lived up to that name in this album. Their music is technical to an extent and they’ve done a good job in mixing the emotions and varying the mood and tempo across the album. The duo of Mark and Myles works out well for the band and they’re well on their way to claiming the hard rock throne.