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Artist: Eluusif

Genre: Dance Music/dubstep

Lyrics: Eluusif

Aliens do it better cover

Track Name Rating
Hair Like Scrillex ★★★★½
Justin Beiber is an Android ★★★★½
No, I  Don’t Wanna Be Your Facebook Friend ★★★★☆
You Should Be Mine ★★★★½
I Need An  Alien Tonight ★★★☆☆

 1.      Hair Like Scrillex

The artist doesn’t show any signs of be a newbie in the business. The first track just blows your mind and keeps you wanting more from the subsequent tracks. The track is extraordinary and despite the crazy lyrics, the track is beyond enjoyable and makes more than just an impression on you.

2.      Justin Beiber is an Android

Now, that’s some crazy way to start off a track, and some crazy mixing as well! Perfect dubstep number, the track is nothing that we haven’t heard before yet manages to be unique in its own manner. The track has been brilliantly composed and be sure to find yourself dancing to this one once you get your hands on it.

3.      No, I  Don’t Wanna Be Your Facebook Friend

Searching for that perfect track to match with your pop ‘n’ lock sequence? This might be just the one. Staying true to its genre, the track is marvelous with its mix although the track could have avoided a little bit of repetition throughout, with the beats.

4.      You Should Be Mine

The track establishes its genre as soon as it begins and woos the listener into without any further ado. Although the track lacks the power and intensity displayed by the previous tracks, this one sure manages to keep the listener interest until the end. Again, in its own way, the track appeals to the listener with its composition.

5.      I Need An  Alien Tonight

Somehow this track doesn’t make an impression like the previous ones. The rhythm of the track is not quite catchy and fails to get registered like the others. The genre of the track puzzles and the track remains an absolute boggle.

Picks from the album: Justin Beiber is an Android, Hair Like Scrillex

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆