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Artist: Henry Metal

Album: Metal O Clock

Genre(s): Heavy metal

Track Rating
1.     I Don’t Care ★★★½☆
2.    Thrash Your Head ★★★★☆
3.      Odin ★★★★☆
4.      For The Love Of Freyja ★★★★☆
5.      Thank God for the Government ★★★★☆
6.   Addicted to Junk  ★★★★☆
7.     Gettin’ Messed Up ★★★★½
8.       Plastic Surgery  ★★★★☆

Henry Metal is metal done right. In a year of mostly dull releases and disappointments from the mainstream metal scene what with a lacklustre Belphegor and Elder and Monolord, this was refreshing.

  • I Don’t Care:

Old school! this is so delicious to headbang to! You gotta love this sound. If no frills Lemmy-esque metal is up your alley check out the title track. It’s got the thick riffs and the groove

  • Thrash Your Head:

A little down tempo here but it picks up the pieces where the first one ripped everything to shreds.

  • Odin

The fierce, tribal ferocity of this song is amazing in so many ways. There are some beats that just can’t be missed and Odin captures it wonderfully and it actually reminded me at times of Holy Diver

  • For the Love of Freyja

Alright now were talking Grand Magus style sword n sorcery vibes, its feral and mythic and amazing. Loved the energy on this one! fat juicy grooves and basslines that soar.

  • Thank God for the Government

Some Rollins style political messaging here which is interesting on an album that subtly changed tones and themes.

  • Addicted to Junk

More social commentary. Felt a tad annoyed. I just loved the zany elements of the earlier tracks but I’ll bear with it.

  • Getting Messed Up

A bit serious as we head towards the end but hey its a well balanced move. I have no complaints. I liked the lyrics on this one. Dark and foreboding while retaining the element of playfulness.

  • Plastic Surgery

The final track and we close with a bang, a wonderful year-end addition to my metal collection. I’ll make sure to pick up the merch and this band is a keeper folks. Make sure you give them a spin on Bandcamp.


Picks of the album: I Don’t Care, Odin, Plastic Surgery

Overall rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆