Music Artist: John Cathal O’Brien

Music Album: Acid Week

Record Label: Self-released

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Leeches John Cathal O’Brien ★★★★☆
Let It Go John Cathal O’Brien ★★★½☆
The Passing John Cathal O’Brien ★★★★½
Millions John Cathal O’Brien ★★★☆☆
Different Woman John Cathal O’Brien ★★★☆☆
Acid Week John Cathal O’Brien ★★★½☆
Seven Years John Cathal O’Brien ★★½☆☆
Disabled John Cathal O’Brien ★★½☆☆
War Songs Crazy Mary ★★★☆☆

 1. Leeches

 The chords start off quite pleasantly, but this is NOT what you’d expect from the arrangement. Refreshingly, the lyrics are dark and brilliant, and the feel becomes closer to Nick Drake than anything else. Fascinating stuff.

 2. Let It Go

 Once again, cheerful and simple guitar chords serve as a backdrop for O’Brien’s penetrating lyrics and vocal delivery. Definitely a memorable track with a chorus that most could relate to.

 3. The Passing

 With a suitably deep reverb, this is a sobering look at one man’s consciousness. Curl up with a hot coffee and stay a while.

 4. Millions

 It seems O’Brien doesn’t miss, or at least yet. The album gets sadder and seemingly more profound/awakened as it moves along. The finger-picking on “Millions” is a nice shift.

 5. Different Woman

 Slightly more upbeat and accepting. A solid track.

 6. Acid Week

 “Acid Week” makes you wonder why this genre is so filled with coffee house music, when there is material like this out there. Very strong.

 7. Seven Years

 Another excellent track, although the album would have benefitted from a tad more variety at this point.

 8. Disabled

 Up-beat and bitter-sweet.

 9. War Songs

 A suitable closer, O’Brien’s voice is crystal clear and his lyrics penetrating.

 Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

 John Cathal O’Brien’s “Acid Week” is certainly a wonderful surprise. With an overabundance of “folk pop” and “indie folk” artists out there, it’s refreshing to hear a folk artist with something to say lyrically, as well as a voice you can connect with emotionally on a deep level. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that this is an artist who could gain a strong international following if the right moment hit.

His songs would lend themselves well to movies, as it seems each of them provides that energy that stops you in your tracks and makes you think about your life.

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