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Songperk – One Song. Every Week. 

Are you a music artist or band demanding recognition ?

Is your song – the next phenomenon ?


Started in October 2011, Songperk™ is a free forever exclusive feature and part of Musicperk.com.  Some of our artists identified have gone on to perform with academy award winners, international concerts, commercial music directors at Hollywood/Indian cinema.

Songperk™ provides an exclusive platform for emerging musicians, composers, artists & bands. Every week , we will feature ONE song in our website . If you are an artist/music band and if you have an own composition/cover/recording, here is your opportunity to get featured in Musicperk.com . 

To get your song featured at our website , send in your soundcloud link/youtube link/mp3 to songperk@musicperk.comIf your song is selected for the week’s Songperk™ , you will be intimated to provide further details. 

Over the years, we have identified and features over 75 music artists internationally using Songperk™.

What to expect after submission?

Every week, we typically receive tens (and sometimes hundreds) of music artists, but we get to feature only one artist. That said, we always maintain a database of your entries, so there’s a pretty good chance that you might be featured in future Songperks whenever an opportunity arises. Submitting an entry does not guarantee a feature on Songperk.

For guaranteed features, please consider services such as album reviews or LaunchPerk™.