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Song Name Singers/Performers Music Perk
Yaathe Yaathe G.V.Prakash Kumar ★★★★½
Otha Sollala Velmurugan ★★★★☆
Porkalam Yogi B ★★★½☆
Ayyayo SPB, SP Charan, Prashanthini ★★★★½
En Vennilave Kay Kay ★★★☆☆
A love blossoms Navin Iyer ★★★½☆
  1. Yaathe Yaathe :
    Singer: G.V. Prakash KumarA joyous and energetic song, this one sung by the music director himself, is a sure winner. G.V. Prakash Kumar’s vocals are so soothing and so is his composition. Though being a typical ‘boy-falling-for-a-girl’ type song, this one stands out of the others. The interludes and the instrumentation are perfect and keeps you engaged throughout. There is a feel of joy throughout the song. It sure is into the top of the charts already. And it is going to stay on longer. Hear it once and you are sure to press the replay button!
  2. Otha Sollala:-
    Singer : VelmuruganA mass koothu song, this one is again different from the songs we have come across before, mainly because of the vocals. Velmurugan has given the song a touch of Madurai and is in his casual best. The song though being a kuthu number, doesn’t go over the top and still remains hearable. That’s the smartness the composer has set to it.
  3. Porkalam-:
    Singer : Yogi BThis song tells us the plot of the movie. Though Yogi B’s voice gives a rock feeling, it has proper beats and interludes that make it gel with the genre of the movie. The lyrics of this song are noteworthy and brilliant. The song is another good attempt by the composer.
  4. Ayyayo-:
    Singers : SP Balasubramaniam, SP Charan, PrashanthiniThe song starts with a breezy introduction by Prashanthini. The humming paves way for the father son combo. The singers have added to the song’s beauty. The song reminds you of the old-gold melodies. Both the father and the son have equal outing for the song and never allow it fade off. The song has minimal beats and it’s the singers who give it the touch of beauty. Another sure shot winner, this is also going to stay in our hearts for a long time.
  5. En Vennilave-:
    Singer : Kay KayWith minimal work with instruments, the song opens directly with Kay Kay’s vocals. The melancholy gives us a feel about a guy who longs for a girl’s love. The song has nothing noteworthy but has a good singing by Kay Kay. He has tried the ‘Ninaithu Nitnaithu Paarthen’ (7/G Rainbow Colony) type here again.
  6. A Love Blossoms-:
    Instrumentation : Navin IyerThe song gives you a feel of a boy who falls in love. The excitement the boy gets is felt throughout the song. It has lovely instrumentation by Navin Iyer and a commendably a good composition.

Album ★★★★½

Aadukalam is a complete album. It has songs for everyone and is refreshing too. The album is a sure winner. GV proves that he is a capable music director who can bring out all genres of music and also keeps you make hearing all the songs again and again. Enjoy the album!

-Reviewed by Music Perk Team