‘Aadhi bhagavan’ is directed by Ameer and it has been in production for more than a year. Ameer has roped in Yuvan to compose the music for the 5th time for this much awaited film starring ‘Jayam’ Ravi and Neetu Chandra. The music was released recently. Now let’s see how the tracks have turned out.

Song Rating
Eisalaamey eisalaam ★★★☆☆
Kaatriley nadantheney ★★★½☆
Yaavum poi dhaana ★★★★½
Oru thuli vishamaai ★★★★½
Agadam bagadam ★★★★☆
Bhagavan rap song ★★★★☆

 1.       Eisalaamey eisalaam
Singers – Manasi scott and Rahul nambiar(harmony)
Lyrics – Snehan

This song starts off with a soft saxophone and then with Manasi’s sensual voice. This song seems like an ‘item’ number. The violin gels well with the song. Heavy percussions with power backed beats! The subtle harmonium/musette layer in the paragraph has been knitted well. Overall a decent song. Not impressive.

2.       Kaatriley nadantheney
Singers – Udit narayan, Shweta pandit
Lyrics – Arivumathi

The prelude is amazing! Classical touch with the swaras in the start. The orchestration is soothing throughout. Udit’s pronunciation is not upto the mark. The flute and violin in the second interlude is mesmerizing. The scale transition in the second paragraph seems very abrupt. The sitar portion at the end has been arranged well. Worth a listen!

3.       Yaavum poi dhaana
Singer: Madhushree
Lyrics – Snehan

This song starts with a soothing piano arpeggio that comes almost throughout the song. Madhushree was the right choice for the song and when piano is accompanied with tabla, it sounds out of the world! The tune in the line ‘Unakkaana mounathil’ gets in to your mind first. Gives you the feel of listening to a ‘ghazal’ song. The orchestration in the interludes is brilliant and the instruments in the interlude are used beautifully. This reminds me a lot of his previous tracks like ‘Oru devathai’ from Vaamanan, ‘En nanbaaney’ from Mankaatha and ‘Idhayam’ from Billa2.  An amazing track from yuvan!

4.       Oru thuli vishamaai
Singers – Sharib Sabri, Shreya Ghoshal
Lyrics – Snehan

A ‘non-yuvan’ song. I never expected this kind of song from him. It sounds like a fusion. Absolutely brilliant instrumentation and programming. Tabla, guitar, bass everything sounds so good. The chromatic notes give an awesome feel to the song. The carnatic portion after Shreya’s entry is blissful. Both the singers have done a terrific job! Shreya begins to play with the swaras after the second interlude. The song sounds haunting at places and goes melody. It’s a mix of different raag. The paragraph has an extraordinary orchestration and epiano. Top notch!

5.       Agadam bagadam
Singer – Mohit chauhan
Lyrics – Manoj

I think this is the first tamil movie to have a full fledged hindi lyrics in a song. I guess it is being shot in Mumbai. It has a lot of Arabic touches and sounds haunting at places. The brass interludes are noteworthy and guitar strumming at the last gives a Spanish flavour to the song too. Mindblowing rhythm programming and bass! Yuvan’s experimentation seems to have worked out really well. And not to forget, Mohit chauhan has done a commendable job and his yodelling in the last few lines of first paragraph stands apart. This is an awesome track that might take time to grow on you!

6.       Bhagavan rap song
Singers – The prophecy, Sathyan

This song kicks off with trumpet. Terrific percussions and rhythm programming once again. Feels like listening to Jay-Z kind of rap song! ‘Bhagawan’ part is too good and I wonder what made yuvan to have a chorus by children. It goes so well with the song. Waiting to watch this song with the visuals!

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Verdict :Well, looks like Yuvan is back on track after having made some mediocre albums in 2012. And he has always been doing a great job for Ameer right from the first movie when they started working together. The songs are of wide variety and once they are out with the visuals, they would be even more appealing. Looks like we are all geared up for a Mafioso love story!