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Album : A million lights

Artist : Cheryl Cole

One of the most prettiest women in the Hollywood industry who rose to fame with the reality television show, Popstars : The Rivals, Cheryl Cole released her third studio album ‘A million lights’ on 18h June 2012. A singer, fashionista, dancer and a model, this multi- talented artist never fails to to amaze us with her beauty. A member of ‘Girls Aloud’ band, Cheryl Cole went on to release two solo albums which topped in U.K. ‘Fight for this love’ and ‘Promise this’ are two of her most popular tracks which the audience worldwide enjoyed listening to.

Her third album ‘A million lights’ is only 38 minutes long consisting of eleven songs. Let’s have a look at how successful her third venture is going to be –

Song name Rating
Under the sun ★★★☆☆
Call my name ★★★★☆
Craziest things feat Will I.am ★★★★☆
Girl in the mirror ★★★½☆
A million lights ★★★★☆
Screw you feat Wretch 32 ★★★☆☆
Love killer ★★★½☆
Ghetto baby ★★★☆☆
Sexy Den a Mutha ★★★★☆
Mechanics of the heart ★★★☆☆
All is fair ★★★★☆

 Song name : Under the sun

This one doesn’t really keep you held on much. The music is quite plain and not catchy at all, although the lyrics are lovely! A good track to listen to when you have a bad day, the wordings and vocals is sure to cheer you up.

 Song name : Call my name

The single from this album was released on 8th June and is running hot on the charts. This song is something the girls would really like. Fast beats of this track will make you want to do some of those sexy moves just like Cole does in the video of this track.

 Song name : Craziest things

Will I.am does a really good job in this song, his vocals compliments the tune. The tune is quite robotic  but when it is coupled with the vocals it sounds great!

 Song name : Girl in the mirror

Quite a lot of Cheryl’s songs are about love, break ups, and various phases which a girl goes through. This is another song which falls under the third category. Girls can relate to this one really well hence it’s quite obvious that the girls worldwide will love this song. For the guys this one will sound like just another normal song.

Song name : A million lights

The tune and the wordings of this track will hit your mind and heart, mind because the lyrics will continue to ring in your head and heart because the tune and wordings are so beautiful, moreover it is something you can connect too. One of Cheryl’s best works!

 Song name : Screw you

Anger, frustration and regret is something will the lyrics of the track portrays and it is sung with the same vigor which tends to get you aggressive too. This is not a song which you would want to listen to when you’re having a good day. On a lighter note, the song is not bad it just has a very scrappy aura about it.

 Song name : Love killer

The music of this song is something to watch out for, it’s sexy and appealing. The lyrics is very repetitive. Listen to this one for it’s music and alluring vocals.

 Song name : Ghetto baby

 Compared to other tracks this one fails on all the levels, lyrics, music and the vocals. Though, if you are a lover of random lyrics and soft music and vocals this one is for you!

 Song name : Sexy Den a Mutha

As weird as the song name sounds, once you listen to this track this phrases sticks to your mind. The upbeats of the track will get you dancing and the vocals sound extremely seductive! This one deserves a place in your clubbing play list.

 Song name : Mechanics of the heart

Cheryl experiments with her voice in this one and it’s surprising to see how well she manages to sound so sultry even when she sings it in a hoarse like voice. Overall the song doesn’t really go down well as there are other tracks in the album which you would prefer to listen to again.

 Song name :  All is fair

A charming song to end the album with. Very meaningful wordings sung with so much depth and the slow subtle tune with which it is teamed up, this song is a must listen!

Verdict : Cheryl’s songs is something the girls would love listening to again and again because they can relate to it very well. Same thing applies to this album too, the tracks in this album caters more to a girl’s needs, belief and feelings. Compared to her previous two albums this one is a mature work and Cole’s singing seems to have attained a completely different level which is very impressive. In all a good album with some flaws here and there but it’s an album worth listening to.

Overall ★★★★★★★½☆☆