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Artist : Colton Dixon

Genre : CCM, Alternative Rock

Label : Sparrow, 19

Producer : Busbee



‘American Idol’ made him famous, indeed. Now, he tries to stand on his own, away from the ‘Idol’ tag, with his first album, ‘A Messenger’. Colton Dixon takes this forward in the form of a change, bringing light into a world of darkness. With Christian touches to the tracks, let’s find out whether this album is actually worthy or not.

                                   Track                                       Rating
Intro                             ★★★½☆
Noise                             ★★★★☆
I’ll Be the Light                             ★★★★½
You Are                             ★★★★½
Never Gone                             ★★★★½
Love Has Come For Me                             ★★★★☆
Scars                             ★★★½☆
Rise                             ★★★★½
Where My Heart Goes                             ★★★★☆
This is Who I Am                             ★★★½☆
In and Out of Time                             ★★★☆☆
Let Them See You                             ★★★★☆
Wake Up(Bonus Track)                             ★★★★½


Album Analysis :-


Rotating orbs? That’s what this brings into mind. Just like the name, it is an introduction what lies ahead. It is nicely moulded, bringing up the suspense in an entire fashion. You actually start expecting tumult like the scary sci-fi movies. Hope that the expectations are met. As far as the track is concerned, it has more or less satisfied the name.



The track continues perfectly from the previous track, standing to the name ‘Intro’. The beginning scores completely. The repetition of that beginning bit which resembles car horns is something which provides certain uniqueness to the track. On the whole, this ambience of cars, backed up with the powerful singing by Dixon takes the song to a good level.


3.I’ll Be the Light

Delightful beginning which automatically makes you smile(and repeats frequently, and makes you smile every time). Nicely sung with good voice modulations and stress. The tune is also ecstatic and you will mostly return to this one for a re-run. It’s actually worth it as well!


4.You Are

It is a clean mix. Starts off slow, moves to a fast pace, and suddenly moves to slow in regular intervals. Its very well crafted with good variations throughout, which elates you and takes on to a barren land with lot of activity happening around. Wonderful.


5.Never Gone

Once you have reached a particular level, it’s tough to fall back in this album. This one matches the energy and class of the previous ones. Awesome instrumental work coupled with awesome singing from Dixon. His voice actually seems like resembling someone else you know, but can’t quite recollect. Nevertheless, ‘Never Gone’ matches all standards.


6.Love Has Come for Me

Even this one is great. But, it is reminiscent of some previous songs somewhere in certain parts, which decreases the shine a bit. But, it is overshadowed by the other parts which seem to be too awesome. Still, at some parts you feel as if the lyrics are extended a bit to fit into the tune or vice-versa. But, that doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying it to the core.



The style of singing is to be appreciated very much, as is the instrumentals. It’s so powerful, yet subtle – an attribute which is not visible in many songs. But, on the whole, it seems a little dull, compared to the previous tracks in terms of the pace and energy. The variations don’t quite seem to keep you on hold. Still, it is decent.



Slow, sweet and touching. It takes you to a fantasy world instantly. You can paint the entire picture in your mind with utmost clarity. It’s a very cheerful and a highly inspiring song. It can be imagined as the background score of a highly inspiring video for Mother Earth. It is of that great a surge. Great one!


9.Where My Heart Goes

It’s a great step-by-step start, which gives you the hope of something big in the next moment and builds up. But, the build-up is pretty long and you won’t get the level of explosion you expected. Still, it is a much enjoyable song, with excellent rendition. The step-by-step nature of the song is the most commendable part of it.


10.This is Who I Am

Just before the chorus, Dixon sings the final line with a modulated voice, seeming like it is sung from a distance, while the other lines are sung normally. That might be the best part of the song. With that said, the remaining part of the song is enjoyable, but it’s pretty normal as well. It is actually overshadowed by the previous, awesome compositions.


11.In and Out of Time

The sudden surge of guitar in the beginning is not very pleasurable in transition, although the individual pieces seem to be good. On the whole, the song is just average which falls a little back, in bringing you back to listen again. It’s ok.


12.Let Them See You

Perhaps the slowest track of the album, it is nicely sung in the form of an actual prayer with a little more of energy. It is a sit-back-and-relax kind of song, which you can listen to best, lying back and keeping your eyes closed. It is a good composition.


13.Wake Up(Bonus Track)

Ending in style. Dixon powers up his engines and gives out a massive energy here, which will hold everyone in perfectly. The right ending to a great album in the manner it is to end.


Repetition of the introduction music is something which can be found in many tracks of the album. And it is right to say that it has not hampered with the quality of the song. In fact, it has done nothing but enhance it. A great album to listen to, with a good number of tracks reaching the level of pure ecstacy. Awesome start by Dixon.


Picks from the Album : I’ll Be the Light, You Are, Never Gone, Rise, Wake Up(Bonus Track)

Verdict : Awesome. Best possible career launcher by Dixon.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆