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Artist: Lisa Lim

Genre: Blues, Rock, Indie

Lyrics: Lisa Lim

Lisa Lim, a guitar magazine columnist (Premier Guitar, Guitar Girl) and National Guitar Workshop faculty member, released her self-titled sophomore album on the 30th of May, 2013. This APRA Classical Music award winner is all set to show everyone how she stands out with music that is class apart.

LisaLim CDCover

Track Name Rating
Superstitious Mind ★★★★☆
My Perfect World ★★½☆☆
Broken Promise ★★★½☆
Distant Second ★★★☆☆
Perfect Fit ★★★½☆
Denial ★★★★☆
Please, please don’t go ★★★★½
I got you by ★★★★☆
Our River ★★★★½
Letter ★★½☆☆
Let Go By ★★★★☆
Manic Energy ★★★½☆

1. Superstitious Mind

The song starts off rhythmic humming, and you expect it to go in the direction of a particular genre, just when the track shifts into a ‘rock’ zone, which does come as a surprise. The track cannot really be called a ‘blues’ track, because alternative rock acoustics dominate most of the track. The lyrics truly are amazing. Though the song doesn’t really stand out, it surely does impress the listener.

2. My perfect World

Drums are always a perfect way to start a song. This song could have been something entirely different, something charming and something fresh or even pleasant, but the crass way the artist decides to sing it spoils the entire track and its essence. Could have been better.

 3.Broken Promise

Okay, could you maybe the style of singing for once? That’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you’re done listening to this one. No doubt, the acoustics and the lyrics are brilliant, but the vocals are a major disappointment here. There is some kind of monotony that is associated with them.

4.Distant Second

The artist’s music does show evolution, the variation in the genres from every song is versatile; the kind of music only experienced artists can produce. The tones do light up the song in every way. But a source of complain that comes with this one is the careless crooning to the lyrics. One sure does not mourn the loss of a lover or express one’s emotions to a lover in this kind of a croon?

5. Perfect Fit

The song’s got some real uncanny lyrics, in a good way though. Yes, one can really see themselves enjoying this track. The music though not really versatile is not bad either. The vocals suit the mood, the up0beat tempo of the acoustics and the rhythm of the song.

6. Denial

For once, the song does proceed the way it begins, a very pleasant thing about the song. The acoustics of this track are dreamy-like, a real piece work. There’s something mesmerizing about the beats and keys that interject the singing. Although you wish the vocals matched the mellowness of the song.

7. Please, please don’t go

There’s the kind of music, not heard in a while, reminds you the likes of Frank Sinatra and Stievie Wonder. You can’t really see what is that makes this track stand out; the singing suits the song just fine, for a change. The lyrics are powerfully mystifying and goes with the amazing music that the artist has to offer. One of the best in the album.

8. I Got you by

From what starts off with some pretty mellow and romantic notes, the track manages to keep the magic until the end. The artist does make sure, the vocals, the crooning, the lyrics and the rhythm matches the genre just perfect. With tracks like this, you see why such artists stand out. Again, one of the top songs of the album.

9. Our River

The album could have done absolutely well without this track. Now, what’s the point of having a song that is almost a replica of the previous track? Yes, agreed that the song is amazing on its own, with every element of the song being brilliant. Avoid the monotony, maybe? For what it’s worth, the lyrics sure do stand out in this one, real touchy.

10. Letter

Was it violin? Sounded like it though. A very good way to start off a song, pleasantly different, just takes you back in time. You see tracks like this one needs ti keep in mind the kind music that goes with the kind of vocals, which seem to be a major issue with this album.

11. Let Go By

This is the kind of track that goes on to be performed in a concert. Yes, the song really is that amazing, with all the cooing in the background, the simple bass and the drums that act as a framework of the song, overshadow all the other elements of the song. Yes, learn to let go! A brilliant attempt.

12. Manic Energy

Now this is the kind of song that suits the kind of careless crooning that the artist’s been so carelessly using in every kind of genre possible. The song does have that ‘manic energy’ associated with it that comes from the lyrics, the singing and the amazing electric stuff going on in the background. Although the semi-rap that the artist was trying to pull off could have been done without.

The artist is clearly a great one in the making. With some minor adjustments, some thoughts here and there, some work on the vocals and not too much variation with the genres may do some good. What makes this artist stand out is the way she brings in the remnants of the in her music, a good way to impress a class of the audience.

Picks from the album: Superstitious mind, please, please don’t go, manic energy, our river.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆