Music Band: Cata9tales

Music Album: A Chamelion’s Dream

Record Label: Monarchy Records

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Kaboombox Cata9tales ★★★★☆
Open Letter to General Adderall Cata9tales ★★★★☆
Keep The Diamond (I’m Rhyming Now) Cata9tales ★★★★½
What A Day (Shooting Stars) Cata9tales ★★★★☆
The Gang’s All Here (Interlude) Cata9tales ★★★½☆
Ghettotron Cata9tales ★★★★☆
Ultralife Cata9tales ★★★★☆
Phoenix Weather Cata9tales ★★★½☆
Stronger Than Me (Amy’s Song) Cata9tales ★★★★☆
A Chamelion’s Dream Cata9tales ★★★★½

Kaboombox starts with an appropriate Jack Nicholson/Joker sample saying “Gentlemen, let’s broaden our minds.” The choice makes sense given Cata9tales’s impressively original take on hip hop music. Vocalist Berkeley Priest is charismatic and convincing on the mic, and Kreator (beats) merges funk and electronica masterfully. 1. Kaboombox

 2. Open Letter to General Adderall

 Call it an anthem for today’s 20 something’s. These are honest lyrics for the A.D.D generation set to a hard hitting hip hop groove.

 3. Keep The Diamond (I’m Rhyming Now)

 Great use of keyboards here give the track a James Bond theme type cool. This track has the makings of an underground hip hop classic, with more than adept rhymes and cold as ice production.

 4. What A Day (Shooting Stars)

 A smartly placed Erykah Badu sample brings some sexiness to the opening of this track. The bassline is funky and smooth, keeping the strong vibe of the previous track.

 5. The Gang’s All Here (Interlude)

 In the tradition of bands like Public Enemy, Cata9tales deliver a funky, James Brown-inspired interlude.

 6. Ghettotron

 All of a sudden things go Rick Ross/dubstep and the fat beat works well for our dynamic duo. “Ghettotron” is wonderfully aggressive and creepy.

 7. Ultralife

 An obvious single, “Ultralife” is catchy from start to finish. It maintains the band’s edge but adds more than a small amount of pop sensibility.

 8. Phoenix Weather

 This is possibly the most atmospheric track on the album, showing some DJ Krush influence in the production. Fans of Anticon would love this track, and it’s a strong direction for the band.

 9. Stronger Than Me (Amy’s Song)

 The beat in “Stronger Than Me” is distinctly old school, while the music is closer to ambient electronic. This is exactly why Cata9tales are getting attention; it’s an original mix.

 10. A Chamelion’s Dream

 A perfect ending to the CD, with some of the best rhyming on the disc. No complaints here. The chorus is refreshing and inspired.

 Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

 I didn’t expect much going into “A Chamelion’s Dream” by Cata9tales. I was completely surprised. This duo have researched hip hop, funk, electronic, and rock music and taken intense effort to deliver an industry ready product. There actually isn’t a miss on the whole album. The lyrics are very strong and the production is out of this world. On top of the innovation, there is a sense of fun and rebellion to the proceedings that make this a worthwhile addition to any playlist.

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