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Album: 4th Way Folk

Band: HuDost

Lyrics and Music by: Various

4th way liner - hudost

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Young and Growing Moksha Sommer- Voice, Jemal Wade Hines- Guitars,

George Tortorelli- Flutes, Lisa Lynne- Harp, Sarah Bowman- Cello

Holy Hobo (Clear Light Lullaby) Moksha- Voice, JW- Dulcinet, Guitars, Harmony Leads,
Dan Walters- Bass, Bryan Brock- Train groove,
Ken Rosser- Lead guitar, Banjo, Pipa, Linda- Harmony,
E.J. Gold- Screams & Wake Ups & Snooze Alarms
Gang Vocals by FAXL, Mandy McCall, Reyhan Brey
Oh My Heart Moksha- Vocal, Harmonium, JW- Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Harmonies,
Dan- Bass, Ken- Slide, Ukelele, Bryan- Percussion,
Linda Worster, Sarah Bowman, Mandy & Reyhan-Harmonies
4th Way Liner Moksha- Voice, JW- Guitar, Dulcinet, Voice, End Leads, Dan- Bass,
Ken- Solo, Slide & Treated Guitar, Bryan- Percussion & Cowbell, Mollie- Howls!
E.J. Gold- Bass vocals & screams, FAXL, Mandy, Reyhan, Moksha and JW on gang vocals
The Alchemist Moksha- Voice, Piano, Santoor, JW- 12 String, Voice,

Dan- Fretless Bass, Sarah Bowman- Cello,

Ken- Treated & Classical Guitar, Bryan- Elemental Percussion, Water Bowls & Triangles

Sweet Cross of Life Jemal Wade- Vocals, Guitars, Moksha- Bridge Vocals & Harmonies,

Linda Worster- Harmonies, Sarah Bowman- Cello

Blue, Red and Grey JW- Vocals, Bazouki, Moksha- Harmony, Kai Welch- Trumpets ★★★½☆
Wood Street Vocals – Moksha, Linda, Sarah, Stephanie Heidemann and Jemal Wade ★★★☆☆
The Singer Vocal, Linda Worster- Vocal, Guide Guitar, JW- Guitars, Harmonies,

Sarah- Cello, Harmonies

Broken Moksha- Voices & Harmonium, Jemal Wade- Voices ★★★☆☆


1. Young and Growing

A soft folk ballad starts off the cd with Moksha’s haunting vocals, story-telling lyrics, and a beautiful use of the harp.

2. Holy Hobo (Clear Light Lullaby)

A modern-day love song with poetic sentiments that pull at the heart strings. It has a catchy chorus too.

3. Oh My Heart

A simple yet melodic version of REM’s classic hit Oh My Heart. Moksha’s vocals really pull together the sound and lyrics perfectly.

4. 4th Way Liner

A break from melancholy, into a little funkier. It’s a totally danceable, toe-tapping fun kind of tune.

5. The Alchemist

Melody is instantly catchy with the layered vocals. Soft music is well suited to accompany the vocals. Melody is so beautiful that the vocalizing bridge is perfect. Nice change of pace with the solo vocal after the bridge.

6. Sweet Cross of Life

A touching song with style and grace, highlighting intricate guitar playing and the well-known HuDost feel with the 3-vocal harmonic blend at the end of this piece.

7. Blue, Red and Grey

The soft brass really takes the song to new heights, incorporated by the strong lyrical vibe that definitely reflected the inspiration by The Who.

8. Wood Street

This track has a real celtic/irish feel and possesses a strong vocal track. I’m taken back to the movie “The Hobbit” for this one, as it definitely has soundtrack potential.

9. The Singer

A sadder, emotional song. There is an interesting comparative change lyrically, where the singer is in the darkness, while the listener is in the light (or waiting for it). Usually the singer is in the light of the stage, but as the song suggests, it is a performance and not really a reflection of reality.

10. Broken

Unique filtered-sound at the beginning, reminds the listener of the Tin Pan Alley era. Also reminiscent of the journey towards spirituality/faith that people often participated in.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

HuDost’s new album “4th Way Folk”

is fresh and inspiring, with a surreal feel that allows you to appreciate their passion for music and the emotional components that are greatly attached to each track.

Delving into a folksy exploration of sound, the lyrics are still as deep and meaningful, with an artistic flare that really brings light to the art of healing and how we view the world. Taking on new versions of songs, while still creating original works is an area where HuDost excels. The transition between songs has a beautiful flow of energy that many can enjoy listening to. Moksha’s vocals are outstanding and the use of a variety of instruments from various other members of the band, make HuDost a creative force that highlights the beauty of what the impact of sound can really feel like within each and every one of us.

Check out HuDost’s website.