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After they reached new heights with songs that were poignant, important and heartbreakingly beautiful in Science and Faith, rivaling even their pretty outstanding self-titled debut, The Script is back with their third full-length studio album called… #3.

The alternative Irish rock band that has been compared to the likes of U2 and Snow Patrol have experimented a lot more in #3, especially with the R&B influences prevalent throughout the album. Through their music, they continue to tell stories of love, loss, nostalgia and heartbreak.

Despite falling flat at times and being a tiny bit less brilliant compared to Science and Faith (which is a difficult album to surpass) in terms of overall impact, #3 features some truly compelling and emotionally charged tracks. For instance, Six Degrees of Separation based on Danny’s highly publicized breakup with his ex Irma Mali and If You Could See Me Now, by Mark and Danny based on their late parents reek with genuine feeling and vulnerability. You feel connected to them through their beautiful lyrics, instrumentation and hooks, both sunny and melancholic that tear your heart apart.

Spanning over 49:44 minutes, consisting of ten tracks (with seven bonus tracks in the Deluxe version), #3 was released on October 9th 2012 in the US by Photogenic records.



Good ‘Ol Days ★★★½☆
Six Degrees of Separation ★★★★★
Hall of Fame, ft. will.i.am ★★★½☆
If You Could See Me Now ★★★★★
Glowing ★★☆☆☆
Give The Love Around ★☆☆☆☆
Broken Arrow ★★★★☆
Kaleidoscope ★★½☆☆
No Words ★★★★½
Millionaires ★★★☆☆

Good ‘Ol Days

A charming Irish pub song that, for me, felt like #3’s We Cry equivalent. “Oh, we’ll remember this night when we’re old and gray/ Cause in the future his will be the good ‘ol days” Danny sings of boozy pub crawling and dancing in the rain at 2AM; drawing references to times that feel highly personal and nostalgic.

Six Degrees of Separation

Based on Danny’s highly publicized breakup with his ex girlfriend Irma Mali, the achingly honest lyrics get to me every time. It feels like Danny has torn his heart open for the world to see as he runs us through the six degrees of separation. The vocals are out of this world as they bleed with uncensored desolation.

Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am

The Script collaborate with none other than will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas; a product of Danny and will.i.am’s stint together in The Voice. Hall of Fame soars with its anthemic feel, urging you to shoot for the moon, chase your dreams and all that jazz. “(You can be a champion)/Sitting in the Hall of Fame”.

If You Could See Me Now

A touching tribute to Danny and Mark’s late parents (Danny’s father and Mark’s mother) who they lost at an early age. The background score crushes you with its understated brilliance, adding to the rawness and intensity of the song. I’d buy the album for this song alone. “I still look for your face in the crowd/Oh, if you could see me now”.


A much simpler, lighter song after You Could See Me Now. Has a pretty great hook but as far as the album goes, Glowing is relatively forgettable.

Give The Love Around

I strongly dislike this song. The part of the song where Danny raps is laughably sad. The chorus is bland and it pretty much falls flat from there.

Broken Arrow

While the rap was terrible in the previous song, Danny nails it here. He is at his formidable best in this truly fiery song. The drum beats increase in tempo and I love how it all comes together in the chorus. Definitely not the prototypical The Script song and that makes it stand out all the more.


“I want your fears, your hopes,/The whole kaleidoscope/With you, with you.” Wavering from the themes of heartbreak, this song on falling head over heels in love is fresh and makes for a great listen!

No Words

The gorgeous background score and instrumentation breathes life into what could be a pretty clichéd song about being tongue-tied and in love. The vocals have so much heart in them as well- making No Words beautiful and amazing to listen to!


“Look at us since six in the morning/ if time was money, yeah we’d be worth a fortune”. Get a room, you want to say to this song that feels vivid and so shiny in its depiction of new love.

It’s surprising how the album ends on such a sunny note but it’s also refreshing- the progression from heartache to lovesickness rather than having it the other way round.

Verdict:  Good ‘Ol Days stays true to their Dublin roots- it’s a charming Irish pub song while If You Could See Me Now has the power to reduce you to tears. Hall of Fame, ft. will.i.am soars with its anthem-like feel while in Broken Arrow, Give The Love Around and If You Could See Me Now, Danny O’Donaghue –believe it or not- raps. There are a few songs that are unremarkable, take Give the Love Around, for example, but for the most part, The Script has managed to enthrall us once again in #3 with tracks that are equal parts awe-spiring and heartbreaking!

Overall ★★★★★★★☆☆☆