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Composer: Anirudh Ravichander


'3' is an upcoming movie starring Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan, directed by Aishwarya Dhanush. The hype that was created for this album was very high after its single “Why this kolaveri” released, which is still topping the charts. The album has been composed by debutant Anirudh Ravichander and the lyrics have been penned by Dhanush himself. Now let’s see how other songs have turned out.

Song Rating
 Idhazhin Oram ★★★★½
 Kannazhaga ★★★★½
 Come on girls ★★★★☆
 Nee Paartha Vizhigal ★★★★☆
 A life full of love ★★★★☆
 Why this kolaveri ★★★★½
 Rhythm of love ★★★½☆
 Po nee po ★★★★½
 Theme of 3 ★★★★½
 Po ne po remix ★★★★½

1. Idhazin oram – The innocence of love
Singers: – Ajesh Ashok, Anirudh

A breezy and feel-good song by Ajesh and well composed and arranged by Anirudh. The tune of the song is a melody but Anirudh has fabricated it with a club kind of feel. The synthesizer portions, bass, percussions resemble that of a trance music and blends in well with the song. The flute interlude and the subtle piano layer adds to the beauty. Both Ajesh and Anirudh have done a commendable job.

2. Kannazhaga – The kiss of love
Singers: – Shruti haasan, Danush

A different song well composed and arranged by Anirudh. The violin interlude is brilliant. The song never seems monotonous and the paragraph is soothing to listen, with silence here and there. Orchestration of the song is neat and clean and is very pleasing to listen. Wish the song was lengthier and I felt it ended pretty soon. The actor and the actress have been roped in to sing this song which is not quite common these days. Shruthi’s mesmerizing voice gives the apt feel to the song.

3. Come on girls – The celebration of love
Singers: – Anirudh, Nadisha Thomas, Maalavika Manoj

This song is one of a kind. Very unique and Anirudh seems to begin his experimentations with music right from his debut album. This is another “Kolaveri”. Definitely today’s youth will love this song. Anirudh tries to set a new trend with these types of songs. Its a mix of ‘Kutthu’, electro and classical style. Some may not like this in the first hearing but as you get used to it then you’ll love it. Yeah, in a way addictive!

4. Nee paartha vizhigal – The touch of love
Singers: – Vijay Yesudas, Shweta Mohan

Starts with a guitar riff and brilliantly orchestrated by Anirudh. A slow melody with Vijay and Shweta doin an awesome job. Anirudh yet again mixes the melody with Synthesizer and it seems to amalgamate well with the song. The song has mind-blowing bass throughout. Subtle layers in this song add to the beauty.

5. A life full of love – Theme music
Performed by: – Anirudh and Chennai Strings orchestra.

The theme reminds me about Western classical music, the days of Brahms, Mozart, etc. Lovely piano and Orchestration which takes you to another world in the two minutes of play and you never can’t expect this kind of music from a debutant.

6. Why this kolaveri di – The soup of love
Singer: – Danush.

Well, kolaveri…do I have to say more? This song trended in both YouTube and Twitter for a long time and has stolen many youth’s hearts. It’s the ringtone, callertune for every youngster now. The outstanding percussions, the naadhaswaram, lyrics especially are the highlights of this song. Brilliantly composed and arranged by Anirudh and it will remain in our hearts forever.

7. The rhythm of love – Theme music
Performed by:- Navin Iyer and others.

Heavy percussions. This conveys something like a tragedy, with flute and distortion guitars dominating the song. A power-packed theme with high energy from Anirudh.

8. Po nee po – The pain of love
Singers: – Mohit Chauhan, Anirudh

My pick of the album. The tune has got an amazing feel depicting the pain experienced during love and the Rockstar’s voice( Mohit Chauhan) adds to it. Anirudh has made the right choice by making Mohit sing this song. The bass is brilliant throughout the song, the Strings and percussions support the song equally well. The guitar strumming too is very soothing. A brilliant song from Anirudh again.

9. Theme of 3
Perfomed by: – Mandolin Seenu and others.

Well, this was the one that we witnessed in theatres I guess, the music for the trailer. Kicks off slowly and the transition to the metal portion is brilliant. The chorus joins in from the metal portion. I still wonder how Anirudh managed to give something like this in his first film.

10. Po nee po remix – The scream of love
Singers: – Sathya Prakash, Harish Swaminathan

Sathya Prakash who was in top-3 from “Airtel Super singer” this year, has been roped in for this track. The song is the remix of the previous “Po nee po” with heavy distortion. The song is really addicting and metal lovers will enjoy this song very much. Anirudh has again arranged it brilliantly by mixing trance, metal and the melody of “Po nee po “.

Album ★★★★★★★★½☆

Verdict: No one could ever expect this kind of an album from a debutant. A song that can overtake “kolaveri”, which set new records worldwide, can come only from the man who composed this album. And yes, definitely there are many songs in this album that are on par with “kolaveri”. Anirudh has worked really hard and you can’t expect a musician to experiment with songs right from his first album, but Anirudh has set a new trend with his style of songs. The future of Tamil music is in safe hands now with a new star rising!