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Album : 21

Artist   : Adele

Genre  : Soul/Pop/Other

The English songwriter-singer Adele released her second album during Jan 2011 named ’21’ named after her age at which she released it in a similar fashion to her Grammy winning debut album ’19’. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers fame Rick Rubin helped in the production of the album. Adele’s pining yet potent voacls along with the blues music and the piano ballads make the album lively and breathes life into the listeners! She had worked hard to channel her vocals since her previous album thus making this album even better.

Songs Rating
Rolling In The Deep ★★★★½
Rumour Has It ★★★½☆
Turning Tables ★★★★☆
Don’t You Remember ★★★☆☆
Set Fire To The Rain ★★★★☆
He Won’t Go ★★★☆☆
Take It All ★★★½☆
I’ll Be Waiting ★★★☆☆
One And Only ★★★☆☆
Lovesong ★★★½☆
Someone Like You ★★★★½

The new set of songs from the album marks the clear maturity of Adele and her growth as an incredible artist exhibiting such poise and grandeur in her work. The soul in her voice the depth and the quality is very awe inspiring. We can see some transgressions to Adele’s style of music from her previous album but all for the best.

It all started with the release of the single “Rolling In The Deep” on November 2010 which made its entry into the chartbusters at number 4 and soon climbed to the 2nd spot in a week.Another impressive single “Someone Like You” caused more stirs than the previous single and it even to claim the 1st in U.K.chartbusters list. The album is based on sorrow and rage thus giving a more dark and gloomy tune over all to the album save alone for a few brightly colored melodies.

1. Rolling In The Deep

You are shot back to the past to the times of Aretha Franklin and Belinda Carlyle as Adele begins singing her opening single of the album. She sings with such deep voice modulations and high pitch voice and the strings are sure to remind of the 60s to 80s of women soul music.The misery and sorrow reflects right from the first song where she sings about an fallible ex. The track soon picks up tempo but still remains bluesy and dark. Perfect choice for the lead single as the song describes what the listener is to expect in the rest of the album.

2. Rumour Has It

A perfect country music , perhaps Duffy should learn from Adele as to why her sophomore album is such a succes contrary to Duffy’s despite both having the same characterstic aching vocals.Bit brighter than the previous track in terms of mood and music . The heavy laden drums just kick in making it all together different.

3. Turning Tables

Produced by Jim Abbiss from the Arctic Monkeys co-written by Tedder the frontman of One Republic along with the voice of Adele produced an ethereal yet frail piano-ballad. Very impressive sure to be on your ‘my favs’ list if you are into soul and country music.

4. Don’t You Remember

“I know i’m fickle heart” she sings, in the most heart-breaking song from the album that finds Adele desperately searching for some sign of her former life. Once again Adele’s vocals at her best with all her crooning and modulations accompanied with the guitar makes it a over all perfect track for any soul which has just experienced a heart-break.

5. Set Fire To The Rain

The album just keeps growing perfect with every track with no disappointment anywhere. This song may perhaps be the most pop influenced track among the others in the album , sentimentally heavy and emotionally littered as she sings with her impeccable voice “there is a side to you that i never knew, never knew”.

6. He Won’t Go

With perfectly rhyming lyrics and the R&B beats sinking in subtly with changing intensity of music and Adele’s voice is just enticing. A high spirited track showin us that Adele is more than just a blues singer and only she can express a more soulful fell to her voice.Rubin is behind the production of this track and Epworth teamed with Adele in writting the lyrics for this song. This track won’t go outta ur mind.

7. Take It All

Adele waves a white flag in a notion of surrender to her ex and the split she had encountered with him in this track, very emotional with a deep country feel with intense and impressive piano notes throughout the track. Sounds very gospel and pleasant yet another powerful track from the album.

8. I’ll Be Waiting

After much persisting gloom an upbeat track to lift the darkness and add some tempo to the album. She songs about her chance to revive her lost love , the lyrics for this again co-written by Epworth. There are jazz style intense drum beats and wind instruments to accompany Adele uncomparable vocals. An awaited change after so many ballads in the album .

9.One And Only

Back to the gloominess this track is another sorrow filled deep soulful tarck from Adele where she wants her ex lover to be her ‘one and only’. Any compliment to Adele’s vocal skills would sound insignificant as the tracks go by in the album. She is so desperate yet not ready to take the blame as she sings “forgive your past and simply be mine”.

10. Lovesong

A feel good song but very slow paced to notice unless you pay attention to the lyrics ,”When I’m alone with you, you make me feel young again… you make me feel like i’m fun again”. Actually this track is a cover for the Cure and she bettered it just as she did for Bob Dylan’s “make your feel my love”. Beautiful and inspiring track from the album of its best songs.

11. Someone Like You

The second single from the album which was claimed as the most downloaded track’s of Adele. It may sound banal in the beginning but this tyrack is not just another piano ballad its everything more. Just the paino and the vocals put in a trance you wouldn’t wanna snap out from, truly she has saved the best for the last. “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you / I wish nothing but the best for you too,” touching lines from the song.