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Month: March 2011


Vaanam is a perfect entertainer and is expected to be one amidst the top albums this year. The Yuvan-Simbhu combo proves their mettle once again. Songs sung by Simbhu by himself gets a good response amidst public and Yuvan understanding this made use of Simbhu in a right path. Not every song shall be a melodrama; people do expect different songs in albums. Yuvan works on to satisfy this feel of the public. Vaanam, will for sure add on to the hit combo musical ventures of Yuvan-Simbhu.


“Shakti” sounds powerful, romantic and resonating. With young and budding singers, the album does not compromise on energy and spirit! At the same time, Mani Sharma ensures a divine touch through songs such as “Maharudra Shakti” and “ Mahishasura Mardhini”.

The King of the Limbs-Radiohead

“The King Of The Limbs” is the eight album from the English Alternative-rock band! With just 8 track and over 37 minutes of music this is the shortest album from Radiohead till date. The album falls into a limbo between a modern full length and an EP. Earlier commenting on the nature of the future Radiohead releases, Yorke stated that "none of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again. Not straight off. I mean, it's just become a real drag. It worked with In Rainbows because we had a real fixed idea about where we were going. But we've all said that we can't possibly dive into that again. It'll kill us." It was stated that the album cover was inspired by the European Fairy tales


Orange, may be a fruit but as a color, it is quite vibrant just as this album is. Harris Jayaraj has composed an urban product that will surely strike a chord with the youth. Its ramcharan's come back after magadheera with high expectations as a lover boy. Another love story by Bhaskar. Almost all songs are great with ‘Nenu Nuvvantu’ and ‘Rooba rooba’ standing out! Undoubtedly, this finds a place in your CD rack!

Death Magnetic – Metallica

The 9th in the list of musical marvels from this hard core thrash band, Death Magnetic is probably as good as Black but still is one of their best. This album is quite different from its predecessor St.Anger, which had no solos. With Death Magnetic, Metallica have gone back to their thrash roots and the album has its fair share of brilliant solos.

Fever – Bullet For My Valentine

While this is ultimately the same Bullet For My Valentine, the band are unavoidably more hook-centric than ever before. However, there’s still not a single track here that would create an unpleasant contrast if dropped into any previous record.Gilmore has merely rendered Fever more American market-friendly and given it a strong flavor of stateside nu-metal. It's a pattern that is just too repetitious, too anodyne and just plain insipid.