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127  Hours :-

Music Composer: A.R.Rahman

Song Name Rating
Canyon ★★★☆☆
Touch of the Sun ★★★☆☆
Liberation begins ★★★½☆
Liberation in a dream ★★★½☆
Liberation ★★★★☆
Acid Darbari ★★★½☆
R.I.P ★★☆☆☆
If I Rise ★★★★½

There is a lot of hype and hoopla surrounding this album especially due to the fact that two   time academy award winner and   ‘Jai-ho’ sensation A.R.Rahman is teaming up with Danny Boyle again. Lets proceed and find out how the tracks have turned out.

The Canyon:

This is a purely situational track, an instrumental version of “If i rise”, Its smooth and there are ample moments of silence in the song which actually underlines solemn mood which the song creates.

Touch of the Sun:

Another situational track. Its a beautiful track laced with moments of silence, which amplifies the meditative effect that this track produces. Rahman uses the Guitar effectively and creates the right mood and ambience. Towards the end of the song the beats and orchestra complement the guitar very well. Good stuff.

Liberation Begins:

Its the first of the “Liberation series” that form the core theme of this soundtrack. A very interesting track, where the guitar is again used to great effect.  It has a slow tempo and a heavy bass line. The music is meditative and indicates that ideas of liberation and a daring escape are slowly taking root in the Protagonist’s mind. The mood has been captured effectively.

Liberation in a Dream:

This is the second track of the “Liberation series”. The BGM starts with a faint guitar riff at the background. Then the tempo picks up considerable. As the track progresses you get to hear several interesting and fascinating sounds. This piece too has a great Bass line. Rahman has used heavy guitar portions throughout the song. The scale change in the middle portion in fantastic. And the way the tempo picks up as the song progresses is also handled very well. A very energetic track.


What a climax to the liberation series! An stupefying track which has the potential to captivate the listeners.  A much faster and a track that exudes energy and tension. This is the track that is played when the protagonist cuts his hand and Rahman has done a fabulous job here. The orchestral portions which start from the middle are intricate and string layer really complements the guitar and Bass effectively. The tension in this track is palpable and it exudes raw emotion. Genius stuff from the Maestro.

Acid Darbari:

Its always nice to see Indian influence in Western tracks. Acid Darbari oozes with Indian influence right from the word go.  Set in Darbari Kaanada Raag, the tune is asolutely lilting. Rahman is a master when it comes to picking the right instruments This time he uses the ‘Continuum Fingerboard’ which he introduced in ‘Rehna tu’. Its a very impressive pan-Indian track that is amply supported by Guitar and oddly by the voice of a man shouting. Nevertheless its a blissfull track and has the “Rahman touch” .


My least favourite of all the tracks in this album. Its an eerie and spooky track which has a female humming dominating the major portion of the track. Nothing great about it. To its credit, the track ends on a high with the strings taking over and providing some relief. It seems like a purely situational track.

If i Rise:

Rahman’s knack of spotting the right voices for the right situations is well articulated. Well this is a song that highlights just that. Sung by Dido, this song is just pure magic. Its the pick of the album. Dido infuses such life and divinity into this song that are sure to leave the listeners mesmerized. Rahman has used a novel instrument called ‘Harpejji’  that plays throughout the course of the song. The child choir portion in the middle coupled with Dido’s trebles creates an ecstatic and heavenly ambience. Rahman has also rendered his portion very well. His raw voice complements Dido’s healing voice very effectively. This song might just do a ‘Jai ho’ at this year’s academy awards.

‘127 hours’ soundtrack is a very different soundtrack than all of Rahman’s previous works. There are only negligible traces of ‘Indian influence’ and this clearly shows Rahman has done his Homework. In ‘127 hours’ he has given a soundtrack that is energetic as well as soothing and meditative. Surprisingly, Rahman has used the guitar very generously and to great effect, I must add. There are other songs too but they are simply used in this movie and has not been created for the movie itself, hence I have not reviewed them.

Verdict: Wonderful soundtrack,  Rahman has truly arrived in the international arena.


Album Reviewed by Sri Krishna , MusicPerk Team.